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Revenge! And don't forget the tiny Allen wrench...

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Well, at least that file gets you a quick trip to the dentist.


The only think I ever found in a cake was a file... but here I am, 6 more years before I am eligible for parole...


My friend is moving to Switzerland soon for a couple years. I will tell her it is to bring her luck in her new country. ♥


Ha ha, that's a great idea, mpp! Once when my oldest son was pretty little, I had him sitting next to me on the counter while I mixed up some muffins. I had taken my wedding ring off earlier and had it sitting on a little shelf above the counter. My husband started eating a muffin later and asked where my wedding ring was. I went to look on the counter and it was gone. He had found it in his muffin. My son had dropped it in there when I wasn't watching. So very thankful it ended up in a muffin that someone was eating instead of one that got tossed in the garbage. Who knows what I did with this one?
Oh well, I wanted to downsize. I have 4 sets of measuring spoons.


There are traditions of baking things inside food (King cake, barmbrack bread, money cakes), the finder being blessed with money, health, fertility, etc. so make something up in case your friend finds your spoon...


They probably printed them in 25 languages.
Funny, Bonnie! I have a friend coming for brunch this morning. Last night I baked a coffee cake and lost the plastic teaspoon measuring spoon. I'm hoping it didn't fall in the cake batter and get baked. Hubby and I both looked all over for it and could not find it. He's promise to go through the trash today if it doesn't turn up. So the allen wrench made me think of that. lol


Are instructions included? If so, written in what language?

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