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Kinda' Cool

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Thanks so much, Francine. Great minds think alike. ;-)

Mandy, it occurs to me that you may have mistaken the little yellow wedge at the top of the puzzle for a banana. Regardless, most of the shapes are jellybeans and that's because jellybeans are good for you. Fruit is a treat only meant for eating on rare occasions.


Jigidi must think that bananas are more healthy than jelly beans!!


It IS cool. Welcome back Wendy.


I can't wait until you can solve them too, Pat. I miss you're sun shiny face on the top ten lists. :-)

Mandy, what you think is an orange banana is actually a jellybean that was semi-flattened when it got compressed by Jigidi's software.


Its intriguing... I see eggs and a banana, but I can't quite work them and the windmill things into a "story"!!! Its a very fun puzzle, thanks Wendy :~)


Yay!!!!!!! She'sB A C K!!!!!! What a fabulous set of puzzles, Wendy, and it's so good to see you back on Jigidi! I can't wait to get home to my regular computer to start solving these! :-))))))))