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It's the First Day of Spring! (small)

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Now that's a GREAT idea BooksAndPuzzles! It would be a wonderful background on your screen. Thank you so very much! I also love your profile name!


Thank you for posting this! So many beautiful flowers in one place, and they're amazing when you finish the puzzle and zoom in. Makes a great desktop background, too. :-)


Rosie - so far I haven't been that effective in getting anyone in the weather department to listen to me! But that doesn't mean that I won't keep trying! Glad you enjoyed these!!! Thanks.


These are all soooooooooooo beautiful and there are many I don't know. The bottom row across, the one in the middle that looks like bells and then two over, the cluster of peach bells I've never seen before and would love to grow those. I love all of the orchids and the ones that are all feathery. Thanks for a wonderful collage of spring colors and flowers. From your mouth to Mother Natures ears----please, please, please!!!! Rosie


Edie, Hester, Katie, Chailie, Sissel and Michelle - - Thank you so much.
It looks like we ALL need a shot in the arm of colorful flowers! May Mother Nature listen to our pleas! Take away the snow! It is time for warm sunshine!! :D


Jan, you've hit such a wonderful note for all of us still suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous Nature. (Icy and cold and that snow...) Ah well, Spring will come and we have such colourful beauty to appreciate when it does...


Love all those flowers put together in a nice way - thanks for sharing :-)


What a cheerful and colourful puzzle. I am itching to get started on this year's gardening but no way am I spending time outdoors in the temperatures we are getting at the moment. 4c with a wind blowing is no joke!!


Oh! These are absolutely gorgeous Jan! Hurry up spring!!! Can't wait to be able to start planting flowers! Thanks for the wonderful, hopeful preview!


Right! That's it!! I don't care if the greenhouse is stuffed full of seed trays, it's back to the seed catalogue for me! There's got to be space for a couple of these beauties.
I hope things warm up soon for you guys across the pond. We woke up to snow yesterday but it was gone by 08:00. Today it's very chilly but at least it's dry. Brrr. :-)


Thanks Jan. It's like looking through a flower catalogue. I see several here that I would love to add to my garden. That seems like a long time off right now. Thanks for thinking spring for us.


Gail and Barb - I'm so glad we don't have the snow. But, we have rain and a thunderstorm expected tonight. Mother Nature has a disagreeable sense of humor! LOL
May we all get Spring by next week!!! :D


Gorgeous flowers, Jan! Like Gail, I wish the spring weather would arrive. The sun is out at the moment but we've been promised a few more flurries for a few more days. Happy Spring, Jan. :-)


These are beautiful flowers, Jan. Thank you:) I wish spring would REALLY get here. Tonight's forecast is for -2 Farenheit.