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My Front Yard During The Blizzard

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There's my little spruce tree that I helped through the drought. I hope the snow doesn't hurt it.


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I like the view from your house -- wide open spaces and no neighbors too close! I'll bet you've already lost some of that snow!


Looks like would be a good time for a walk in the woods and take pictures of nature LOL


Cute little girl, you were, Pat. I like your avatar!


Awww I hope so too Laura ... although they can take quite a bit at that size....


It looks like Azalea Wars at Missouri Botanical Garden isn't going to start any time soon.


Don't say it too loud, warbler! Hee hee. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


If it helps, your Azalea Wars still has ten stars-that has to be the longest ten star hold ever!!


Awww...hi punkie! We are having "weather." Definitely.


Watched some news andfigurd you and the rest of the gang were getting a bit more winter :( I know you're looking forward to spring will come soon...I promise!


Oh PG, what did you do? Light a fire?

Thanks, Cellie!


Great picture Lj


Nice shot LJ but I can pass on the snow. It was only 54 today here and it was raining so it felt like 52.


Thanks, Ank. Actually, I enjoy the snow because we get it so infrequently in recent years.

I hope so, aggie. Spruces are tough little trees. Thank you!

Gladstone, I think it will warm up later in the week. meanwhile, the snow hasn't stopped and we are to get more tomorrow. This will be a storm to remember!

Roseheather, I had to go out a second time and shake the snow off of my white pine. I hated to see it bowed down to the ground.

You have 4 feet of snow in your yard in SK, sunburn? All I can say!

Awww...thank you, Patti. But you know, you live is a really beautiful place. More beautiful than little old Litchfield!

Hey JC...I can share some some with you, if you are feeling left out. Hahaha. I just went out to shovel my driveway and got about a third of the way through, then stopped. The snow wet and heavy...and it's still coming down.


Wow, laura, you got a lot more snow than I did! With the wind, the depth of the snow varied from one-half inch to 12 inches! LOL!


I love where you live! It's so beautiful! Thanks Laura!


These spring storms have wet heavy snows. When was this blizzard? It seems like you've had several recently.

In Regina, SK we have about 4 ft. of snow piled in our yards!
This puzzle was a bit difficult because of all the white!
So pretty though.


Funny,as in odd, because I thought about what your little tree has experienced before I opened to the puzzle, and saw your remark about it surviving the drought.

We have had branches break on our white pines, but not on our Norway spruce or blue spruce. Your little one should be okay.


Pines usually handle the snow well but its the hardwood trees if they have leaves on them that break under heavy snows.


Let's hope is warms up soon so the the heavy snow will melt off and not do and not do too much damage.


Aww Laura, I'm sorry for you, that's a lot of snow. What happens with the weather. Most of Europe is white too. We don't have, with us it is only cold and stormy. But Belgium, England have a lot. In Ukraine came more than 3 feet in 24 hours. It has to be Spring. Well I hope for you it will stop. If not necessary to go out, stay in. Have a nice day.


I went out with a broom and gently knocked the snow off of the branches of all my evergreens. The worst one was the white pine. The news said that boughs are breaking left and right from the weight of the snow, here in the St Louis metro north-east (my area). My evergreens are all fine, thankfully!!

Thank you very much for stopping by on this snowy afternoon...Nana, Lyndee, Sandy and Morris!


Poor little tree, It should be fine!!!


It's beautiful laura.


Looks like you didn't have to venture far away from home to get pictures for us today Laura!


Beautiful scene, Laurajane! You're little spruce will probably be fine. It's so cute! :)