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Schnellie the Sweetie

24 pieces
36 solves
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Thanks, Queenbee2b and Mo. Schnellie is a female, and is the sweetest cat in the world, unless she's trying to get on Charlotte's table or corner her when she's trying to use the litter box. I named her after a comic strip character on Mutts. Schnellie is Mooch the cat's girlfriend, who lives in a house, where Mooch cannot get, so he seranades her from the nearest tree. Her actual name is Shelly, but he calls her Shnelly because he speaks with a lisp.


Aww, such a sweet looking kitty.


Is Schnellie a male or female name? Very original!! (She?), looks very sweet too!! :)


Hi Rosie, everyone weighs more than Norton. Norton is an Oriental Shorthair, as you know, and they're tiny but very long. Norton weighs under eight pounds, and has probably lost a few ounces since he got sick.


He's a sweetie but I think he weighs more than muscley Norton. Thanks, Gail.