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Garter Snake - Canada, USA & Cen America

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Thanks for that info gabecyr - I read that also! I guess it just depends on the literature you read.


My research yielded the info that garter snakes are indeed mildly venomous but are pretty ineffective in using their venom since they have no fangs to deliver it....they transfer small amounts while gumming their prey to death...


Thanks for the info canoekaw. Sounds like you were a great teacher! Thanks for commenting about the venom - I realise all you read on the internet isn't true - & it looks like I struck a slightly innacurate patch!!


I looked for a picture of a garter snake aggregation as they hibernate, I think it is called brumation for reptiles, but could not find one. I have read and seen pictures of many of them together. I do know snakes will come together in a ball of snakes to mate. I have never read of garter snakes having any venom. I used to have one in my classroom, the kids loved it. I think it liked the kids as it never ever did a strike.


Thanks Deborah - I'd keep my distance too!!
Thanks Gracie.
Thanks Nicky - I'm the same - Jigidi is fun & educational!!


What a great shot - so clear and detailed, and what beautiful colours - I've never seen a snake like this. Thanks for posting - I'm getting to see some wonderful wildlife on this site and am really enjoying doing the puzzles.


Beautiful colors but I am glad I've never seen one of these here in Canada!


He's long as he's not too close to me!


Thanks all for dropping by - glad you liked this colourful snake.


Great one Rob, I have never seen one this color before this.


Wow! Such amazing colors in nature!


great pic rob


I don't like snakes, but I have to admit, this one is very beautiful.


Wow, such fabulous colour on a really creepy reptile!


Skip away chookie!!! On your own!!! You won't catch me doing that!! Thanks.
Thanks for dropping by BeeDee - haven't seen you before! He's rather fancy, isn't he!!
With snakes Nellies???? You are brave!! Thanks.
I read that they were thought to be non-venomous Heidi, but some have a slightly venomous bite. I'll stand corrected though - thanks for the info.


Every book on snakes I've ever read, and every herpatologist I've spoken to, ALL say that Garter Snakes are NOT poisonous. The ones we have around here (Kentucky) are black with yellow stripes. The only problem I have with them is that they like to catch the goldfish and koi in my fish pond and eat them.


I've never seen these gorgeous colours. The most colourful Garter Snake I've seen is called (a nickname) "Red Racer" & has, obviously, red stripes. I'm a snake lover but even people who aren't might like this little guy.


Although I don't like snakes, he sure is a colorful one - looks more like a skipping rope to me!! Thanks rob.


I've had a further check & it seems that this may be a San Francisco Garter snake. Sorry about that!!
Thanks Meadowhawk, chickie, Monica & tex.
Garter Snakes are mildly venomous with not enough toxicity to kill a human.


At least he couldn't sneak up on you in the grass!


Wow! I never in my life thought I'd hear myself saying this but, what a beautiful snake!!! He's absolutely gorgeous to look at! But, that's all I'd want to do! You say garter snake, does that mean he's not poisonous? Inquiring minds and all that?


I agree Meadowhawk. I have only seen green, black and yellow striped ones.


Hmmm - not the typical garter snake colours on the Canadian West Coast. Perhaps these have been enhanced. Lovely though. :)