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  1. Honi546:40
  2. loriann577:09
  3. pegstr7:18
  4. Tyco7:58
  5. Kiwi28:52
  6. Emmergee9:04
  7. clamas9:04
  8. elemmo11119:05
  9. Roobyj9:37
  10. Jwarner9:43


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Oh, sparklightie ~~~ I really think is one of my all time favorite puzzles!!!! It is obvious that I'm a reader and love it when I have a book in my hands. Even if I'm not reading it, I find it very soothing. Sadly, like so many friends. my eyes aren't what they use to be. Next week, I have to have a biopsy on one lower eyelid and the upper lid of the other eye. I was told I could have two black eyes for a couple of weeks. YUK!!!! I'm sure I will be very lovely to look at with my two blackened eyes showing above my mask ~~~ especially since I have always thought my smile is my best feature and it is hidden behind my mask!!! I guess this is the best time to do it since I'm stuck at home with no activities to look forward. I'm quite positive about the out come of the biopsies. Take care of yourself and stay well!!!





I still have a notebook with lists of all the books i have read. This year I read 78 books. I have been keeping track of all the books I read since I started working in the library in 1992.
I started reading to my daughter when she was a newborn and cried all the time. Sitting and reading to her stopped her crying. The library was her favorite place to be and probably still is. She works there.


A very enjoyable solve, "Sorry, I'm Booked." Our library was a 5 minute walk, I grew up in a small town, we could walk to lots of places. I walked to school, the drugstore, the town market, the bakery, and the playground. : )


I walked about 3 blocks to get to ours and i was there 2 or 3 times a week getting new books xx i even used my brother's cards for me ☺☺☺☺ when our first daughter was born (after about a month) i pushed her in her pram to the library that was many many blocks from us - i then used hubby's cards as well and took out 8 books every 1 to 2 weeks and read them all xx i used to make lists each year of all the books i had read - was 100s per year So happy you loved this - me too and I look forward to solving it tomorrow ♥♥ goodnight and god bless


I could walk to the library, when I was young, it was at the end of my street. Loved the puzzle. :)


When I was a Child my favourite place was The Library ☺

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