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Flamingos for Robryan!

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They may not be micro, but they are surely pink. And look at that beak detail.
There was a man in Kansas about 15 miles from where I lived back then that had a 30 acre prairie grass farm and he had tens of thousands of these swarming through the fields. People came from all over the U.S. to stop by and see it. You may have heard of him. And NO, his name wasn't warbler.


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If nothing else they are pink LOL


LOL!! Thanks warbler :))) No poop to tread in, no noise to put up with!! If you keep 'em long enough they'll be worth a fortune!! And - think of all the photo-ops just waiting for you :)))


A few years ago I had a very traumatic birthday (not saying which one), and some friends (?) filled my front yard completely with these cheap plastic things in the middle of the night! There was hundreds of them when I woke up the next day! You couldn't even get around them to yank them up, they were so thick. So much for garden of the month award!


The national bird of Florida. They are on every lawn and they do not mess.


Don't worry Jack, when I find the right stuff and get a photo of it. It'll be to you.

Yes Sandy, they made them of cement or of wood back then. They looked almost the same as these, size and shape wise. Flamingo stuff has always been collectible, though.


I like your comments Gladstone, your always thinking! No mess in the yard. Thanks


They made these in the 1900's? Who'd a thunk? And that much money!!!!


beautiful mate! if you ever post anything for me please no fake flamingos, but a nice lady is always welcome!!!


I'll bet that they won't even mess up the lawn.


Glad you liked it, 193

Amazingly, I've seen older 1900's ones at auctions go for Three or Four Hundered dollars each, Chickie.

Ahhh Yard Art, LJ. Thanks .


There never were finer flamingos anywhere, warbler.


Well now, ain't they perdy?

Love this picture.