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Flower Quilt

49 pieces
174 solves
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PJ, after searching yesterday, I gave up for the time being and decided to work on a different one. You're right though....because it's happened to me before. When I'm not looking for a folder, it will show up when I'm looking for a different one. LOL


If it's any consolation - I know that frustrating feeling. After a couple of days, the hidden folder comes to the surface again... :-))


Thanks so much, PJ. I was going to post a different one today but I can't find it! I can't believe that an entire folder disappeared. I must have put it in a folder within a folder within another folder by accident.


Wonderful quilt, Wendy - gorgeous design, the bright colored squares balances the lively flowers so well. How you've framed each square gives the puzzle a final super finish. :-))


Barb, after a few days, I'll remove the quilt from Jigidi so that you can use it. :-)

Exactly, Pat (re the background/contrast)!

whatnauts, I already told you on the other puzzle that you might get too hot with so many quilts covering you. ;-)


This is wonderful and I'd like one for my bed as well.


Hmmm....I understand why you would put the flowers on the dark squares, because they themselves are bright. And now I see why you would switch to the light--because the flowers cover most of that background, and so the contrast gets lost a bit, leaving only pale colors squares next to the bright flowers. Is that what you're thinking? Interesting! In any case, this is gorgeous, and I love it! I do hope you use the "leftovers" in other quilts--we all love your "throwaways" so much! :-)))


Wendy, I love your quilt as it is and would be very happy to have it on my bed. However, I look forward to any more quilts you might put on display. :-)


Ardy, I had planned it this way (all the flowers on dark background), but now I think it might look better with a sharper contrast.


It looked planned to me, Wendy. I like it this way.


Oh, Mandy, you snuck your comment in while I must have been posting mine. Thank you! I have so many leftover kaleidoscopes that I'll have to create another one along the same lines. :-)


Ardy, I can't believe this. I finally too a 'relook' at my puzzle after you mentioned the plain pieces, and it's only now occurring to me that I should probably have put all the flowers on the LIGHT backgrounds, not on the dark ones. I'm going to see what happens later on today when I get a chance to try it out. I have to thank you for even mentioning the plain pieces. I had pretty much been focused on the kaleidoscopes, not paying attention to my background.


It is worth all that effort Wendy, it's spectacularly wonderfully amazingly gorgeous!!! Thank you muchly :~))))


I like your flower quit, Wendy. I like the combination of flowered and plain pieces mixed. Thanks.


Thanks so much, Katie!

Mandy, this is the one I was telling you about. I spent a loooooooong time creating it. I made a thousand* kaleidoscopes and shuffled them all around until I was pleased enough.

*Only a very slight exaggeration. LOL


Wendy, I want one of these for my bed!!!! It's absolutely gorgeous!!


This is spectacular Wendy! I love the colors, the flowers, the layout, and just everything about it!