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A popular local ground cover

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No, BBM; it is definitely not phlox. It is one of the many drought tolerant plants used for ground cover here. The leaves are about the size and shape of a grain of rice, very succulent when very young, but becoming woodier with age. I was surprised that the nursery I visited did not have it, but I will continue to look for it.


A type of Phlox maybe?


Well, Hanne, my first nursery expedition did not produce the desired information, but I did manage to come home with four new trees to plant. Tsk! I have not yet given up, though. But next time I probably ought to leave my credit card at home!


Would be wonderful, and perhaps a sweet expedition, Varda!! I go crazy when I come such a place, want to buy everything even if we have absolutely no decent places to plant it anymore. Shrub everywhere, so much easier to "keep"!!


I think ice plant is a little different - - larger, more succulent, leaves - - but the blossoms are similar. There is a lot of ice plant along the California coast, and it doesn't look like this plant.


Plum, we call it Ice Plant. I've heard that in some areas they plant wide borders of it around houses to prevent wildfires from coming up to the house. The succulent quality I guess. It sure is pretty.


No, Hanne, I don't know the name of it. There are a lot of similar drought resistant ground cover plants here. You have given me an excuse to visit a local nursery to see if I can learn the name of this one!


Indeed it's fabulous!! Thanks so much Varda, do you know what it is??


Gorgeous Pm, Jenny would sure love these. Thanks for your kind words, will be in and out for a while.


Very colorful & pretty. Thanks.