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close up of mural on Town's theatre wall 3 of 3

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The last piece of the puzzle - its a very large mural !


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Yes, Al3, local actors from here or visiting, behind the scenes volunteers, and some of the shows. Its not a big theatre with a small stage, but they are active most of the year and always well attended.
If you fancy seeing any of the upcoming performances, let me know. (❀ᴗ❀)


I love this mural! Are these some of your local actors?


Thanks Haze, good to see you hon. (❀ᴗ❀)


Hi Bubble. Thanks girlie. I love people in puzzles. I only just saw these. ♥ Haze


we used to go to a lot of live shows in our younger days - now they are so expensive and the theatres are all way out now - we sometimes go to live concert shows on a sunday at 2pm a)cheaper and b) sometimes get to tickets for the price of 1 and safer to drive to them in the daylight ☺☺☺☺☺


Thank you again Iris and Brightie, not all of the performances are great, sometimes I've walked home at half time !!!! (❀ᴗ❀)




I WOULD DEFINITELY COME AND WATCH EVERY PERFORMANCE !!!!!! thx for sharing this treasure dearest @Bubble - much appreciated ♥♥♥♥


They show much better this way, thanks Val (❀ᴗ❀)


So impressive thank you☺☺



Last one Brightie and time for tea !! xxx (❀ᴗ❀)

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