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Marching Stars Directed By Busby Berkeley

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Enjoy, Hanne! :-)))


Thanks Pat, I'm "on" the big one!!


That's so funny, Kathy!!! LOL! I watched some of the Busby Berkeley movies when they started to appear on TV; they were quite the extravaganza! I hope you enjoy the bigger version--I was quite content for now to do the goldi-monster I made, and bookmark this! :-)))


Well I'm the kathy-come-lately today but that's not a damper on my fun! I'm with everyone on this one! Like whatnauts, I googled Berkely, thought the name was familiar - so glad I checked it out!

You are indeed knocking it out of the park today, Pat!

Watched lots of Ed Sullivan in the day. My favorite Ed Sullivan story is of my great-grandma watching Elvis on the 'shew' - the waist up version of course - and she shouted out "Lord that boy is having a spell!!!" (born & raised on a North Alabama farm)

I knew Ms Aishah would ask for a biggie, and I was right - just bookmarked it, on my way there now.


Oh, lordy, what have I unleashed on an unsuspecting public this time?!!! You all know how to put on a really good "shew" yourselves, don't you?! I don't know what's in the tea (tadpole wine, perchance), but I think you've all been nipping at it, and I'd enjoy a sip or two myself right now! Thanks, Ardy, Lela, whatnauts, Wendy, and Mandy! :-)))


Brilliant - I see a very bright pink something with slanting eyes, wearing the most enormous head-gear in turquoise and purple. The cat has a yellow bow at its neck, and pink "arms" and green "legs" and is wearing orangey shoes!!! It's wearing some sort of floaty scarf in blue!! LOL - I'm not sure what is in my tea!!!


Pat, you are ON A ROLL today! HOLY COW! This is FANTASTIC!


I googled Busby Berkeley when I saw the title. If I would have have opened this page first, it would have been unnecessary :))) I see three wrapped candies surrounded by lots of stars. Thanks, PD.


I take it that this is the version that is not underwater................


Never watched Ed Sullivan much but remember his "Really big shew" bit. I see green faces in black masks, open mouths, and blue hair. Fun puzzle, Pat. Thanks.


Thanks Pat!


Have fun!

Yes, these are the same stars--but they're not riled up, they're dancing, albeit a bit exuberantly I suppose...! I think they're just happy to be set free for a while. :-)))


Are these the friendly little stars from yesterday. They seem somehow riled up today and congregating as if in protest. Lots of fun as always, thanks Pat.


Ooohhh, I like this one too. Could I have this one in a larger version too. Please!


Thanks, roseheather! I wondered if the reference might be too outdated, so I'm glad you enjoyed it! I grew up watching the Ed Sullivan Show, with synchronized swirling dancers making patterns lying on the floor, with the camera perched above them, and it reminded me of those, too. :-)))


Love the title!

I can see his group performing now! Esther Williams and the others. ; )