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Button Bouquets!! ~ Sandy`s Favourite

49 pieces
72 solves
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I adore this one too, Gail. I love the clarity of the pattern, and the softness of the colours. I'm glad you had a nice time with it. :)))


The design of this is so pretty. I love the details of the petals and flowers.


Hmmmm. Can't explain that Gail! But you're lucky!!


Everyone is seeing food in the buttons today Katie! LOL


Hmmm. I'm glad you love them so much that you would be happy with a reprise, Ardy. Hopefully by the time I run out of unused buttons, there'll be a whole heap of new images of them that I can use to create new kaleidos from. :)))


Actually, there were some of my puzzles where I had to resize them previously, and so far, I haven't had to do that to any of them on the new Jigidi. So there!


Hi Kirsten, I'm thinking blueberry, vanilla and lemon creme....


I do love these buttons. If you ever run out of ideas you could go back to your "button box" recolor the background and have new sets of puzzles. This one is so fun. I must have come on as the change was happening. I usually minimize "favorites" screen when I leave for the night. This morning it came up on the old favorites screen but when I clicked on your profile I did get a rather strange white screen and then it opened in the new format.

Delightful way to start my day - your puzzles. I see Gail is joining the interpreter's club. Come on in - it's a fun place to be. The more the merrier or something like that. I like her cakes and flowers. thank you, Kirsten, for all you do.


You and Dagmar must have been doing it at the same time, Deborah. She had the same problem. And you should have been FASTER the second time around!!! LOL Glad you had fun anyway. :)))


I solved this puzzle and then the new jigidi kicked in and gave me a white screen! How dare it do that! I had to solve it again, and this time my time was slower...woe is me. :((( Anyway...Thanks for the funny little flowers, Kirsten!


Maybe yours were closer to the size needed, than mine Gail. But I've had to make my 3x3's larger, to get them up to 324 pieces, which is what I post my large size in. And I have to confess, I don't like the navigation either. Ah well.

I love the clarity in this one too! And they do look like little cakes!!


I haven't changed the size of my puzzles and I can still post in the 361-piece sizes.
Darmar, it's not really any different from the old Jigidi. It's just that things are in different places, and you have to click twice to get to things where previously you only had to click once. The text is so much larger that it's a pain to see everything. That's the one thing I don't like about the new Jigidi. Please write me if you have any questions.

I see a large cake with a bunch of tiny cakes around the border, all with little flowers on them. Exquisite!


My pleasure Dagmar!


That helps a lot, I was going to explore the new Jigidi at my leisure during Christmas holidays so they caught me unawares with their countdown yesterday LOL, with your explanation you have saved me a lot of trouble. I think I'll love the feature of being able to upload a puzzle beforehand and only have to launch it whenever you want to and thanks for telling me about the sizes, I don't want to make them to small. Thanks a lot and Good night to you and hurry back to work for me. :))


That's a bit annoying Dagmar!! But I'm glad you enjoyed it so much it wasn't too painful to do twice!! And you'll be OK in the new Jigidi. I was just saying to Deborah. that I think the main changes are that they've moved the navigation from the left hand panel to be across the top. And that when you create a puzzle, you can now do it in two steps. The first step just creates it (where it could just be a private puzzle if you wanted), and the second step is to "publish" it. Where you just fill in a few more fields and click save. I really like that feature. I load my puzzles ready to go, before I make my dinner. And then when I'm back, i just click the buttons you need to publish. And the other substantial difference for puzzle makers is that you need to make your image bigger, if you want to create a puzzle in the biggest sizes. Oh, and you can put a description on a puzzle if you want. And type some stuff about yourself in the profile page. I'm totally on top of it now. Oh, and I nearly forgot!! You can have the timer back if you want it, in the solve window!! It's a setting in your profile. Hope that helps. :)))


The 3D effect makes this one an outstanding beauty, :)). This one I had to solve twice as I got caught up in the change LOL. Just as I was going to write my comment everything when blank and now I have to learn my way around the new Jigidi. :))