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Change Your Thinking

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It will take just 37 seconds to read this and change your thinking..


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As they say ...Where there is will there is a way... I really had no problem


Didn't think you'd be able to fit most of it in. Well done.


Celeste Thanks for stopping in...
Maria you are welcome ..nice to see you.


It is a heart warming story. Thanks.


Brings back memories for me.
I had this in an email after my father passed.
It is a wonderful story


Thank you for sharing the saying ... Drjean nice to see you...

This reading is so beautiful and heartwarming. It reminds me how we sometimes fail to appreciate the beauty around us; and the saying, "None is so blind, and those who 'will not' see!" Thanks for sharing.


There sure is Gene think maybe we could cash in on some of them... Nice to see you..


Windy hills here is the link


Windyhills we have a 2002 31ft Sunseeker class C, We have owned Class A but we decided on this one as it is something that I'm comfortable driving if need too. It has a ford chassis. and a E450 super duty Triton V10 engine. It has a slide out with th dinette and couch. Queen size bed in back. We bought it new and added window awnings. It gets 10 mpg loaded. Actually we have been thinking of thking it to TN in May when we go instead so many cars. I found a picture will put it on as a private and give you the link.


great post Pat......lots of thinking going on here I see in the comments LOL


Thank you for sharing that information with me. What make, model, lenght of coach do you folks own that just sits in drive way? (as you put it)
I haven't really started looking yet, but whatever I purchase, it will have to be something built on a serious truck type chassis and quality axles not a beefed up light-duty or motorcar. I've seen to many hundred of those sitting on shoulder waiting for a tow-truck. I've been thinking 5th wheel but I guess I'd have to buy a newer dually - so then I start thinking coach again. Then see diesel prices and back off. Maybe a mo-ped with a side car... :-))


Oh dear Jan I didn't know I did all that...


This series of encouragement (that's how I think of these puzzles), has been wonderful. Going through a tough stretch of stressful situations and they always life my spirits. Thanks so much, Pat! Jan


I Windyhills I live close to Mt Sterling Ohio. It is south of the capitol. My son and I have our own company. Right now we are running 4 trucks. We used to do long haul but got a contract with Cardinal Logistics and now it the perimeter of Ohio and deliver Petsmart and Lowes. We also have a contract with Miller and take loads of Ross Labs and Abbot foods to mostly IN. Makes It nice having the drivers home every day. When my husband drove he worked for Kahns Meats delivering here in Ohio then when they closed the operation here in Columbus started driving for Sav-a-Lot Foods. That's where he retired from. But he was never a over the road driver. Believe I know the gov involvement... They just never quit...


Thank you lyndee....nice to see you...


This is such a wonderful story. Thanks Pkin.


Do you remember quite a few years ago there was a mailman that threw the mail away. It does make you wonder. I worked with a lady once that got a carrier job. She was one of the laziest people you ever seen, We always laughed about her being a letter carrier. We are going to have to get together..


Everything is just fine Pat - I was just spending way too much time sitting on the couch on Jigidi! So I cut back and am trying to spend more time up and about. Thank you SO much for caring and asking. BTW, still having some trouble getting mail, but getting together with neighbors. Heard the Columbus P.O. is hiring, so maybe we can get a new carrier.


I know I have read it many a time... and each time it is like a new story.... Thanks for stopping in


It is a lovely story. Like Ardy, I have seen it before but it is one that stands endless repetition for the message it gives.


Good morning Katie haven't seen you for a while is everthing ok?? Have a great day..


Pat, this is such a touching example of kindness, encouragement and optimism. Thanks! You sure know how to start the day on a positive note.


Patti I had to post it ... It is a beautiful story... Hope you have a great day


Awwww. Wonderful story! Thank you!


roerick3 there are some that just know how to brighten the day.. thanks for stopping in....
Ardy you are very welcome ... Hugs..
Jim thank you I thought it was too...


Wonderful story, Pat!


Thanks, Pat. I've read this before but appreciate the reminder. Hugs.


What a great way to start your day--with a story of hope, optimism and happiness that he was able to share with a glommy old man making his day a little better. Lucky Man.


Thank you Lucy ...Sure glad to hear that ...


such a poignant story, but also a real humanitarian the man by the window. Good morning Pat, feeling quite well this morning.