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Rainbow Mountain, Peru, trekking tour

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  1. sds6614:40
  2. txchvygirl4:50
  3. Breslee5:00
  4. lbjbc5:40
  5. mtka5:43
  6. CProfaizer6:13
  7. lcr6:30
  8. sipanac6:36
  9. chubi6:45
  10. ANNEERA6:51


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I agree.
I tracked all the way back through Jerrys puzzles and there were tons of them, I loved them all.


@dhi - Thanks, Donna; appreciate your words. I agree that it doesn't really matter since there will always be new puzzlers and some actually like doing the same puzzles over again. So it's just about having fun solving puzzles. :0} Birgit


I am new jigidi and I have gone through the catalogue of a number of post-puzzlers and you are not alone in putting the same puzzle up again.
I think there are enough puzzles here that if a puzzle does not appeal to you, it is not a big deal. "Shop-on".


Well, my friend, I wasn't part of Jigidi a year ago and I will admit have not gone through all your posts and as one puzzler said about another doesn't matter because some of us haven't seen this post. :0}


Yes, Mother Nature is just incredible! I'm sure if you ask a geologist, he could tell you exactly what each color represents.

Pěkne ´ !!


Hah! I did this one about a year ago. What a magnificent act of nature.


Yes, it is hard to believe that we have such fantastic scenery around the world, and that so few people truly appreciate the creations. This mountain shares different colours depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Just amazing. Thanks for your comment. Birgit


If it wasn't for all the incredible pictures the TV and computer bring us, it would be hard to believe this is real!

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