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Stained Glass Flower

64 pieces
143 solves
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Well, in that case, I can't help you...


I don't think it's the mouse. It's cordless and works well, it's me that is slow. LOL


To what freezing up are you referring, Mary? Is it your mouse? I found a great mouse and just ordered two more from Office Depot. They actually couldn't find the one I have, but the ones ordered should be the same except for a different cord. I have a drawer full of mice that don't suit me for Jigidi purposes. What a waste. Sooner or later the mouse I like will die, and I'll need another, so better safe than sorry.


Great puzzle and I conquered another bigger one, but this freezing up is killing my time. 6:32 with about two minutes of staring and trying to get the pieces to move. I'm about to give up. Beautiful colors and looks like so many different things all the way through the solve! Thanks, Gail!


Beautiful puzzle Gail! Love that texture - and those colours are bold and gorgeous! Thanks so much. :)))