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I think these will break in the cold.

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The Chihuly art is stored in the winter. I will be sure to photograph some for you when they put it back out, PG.


LJ does the glass works hibernate in the off season? I want my money back cause I was short changed?

YG that be me yep!


I have this shot and will post it eventually. Love the glass artwork. These birds are also Dale Chihuly art. His artwork is all over Missouri Botanical Garden. We just didn't see most of it because it was off season.

I had left a comment here this morning but forgot to click the post! A secret garden with lovely exotic flowers speaks to all of us ladies who have enjoyed Victorian novels, it's quite special. Thank you for noticing & taking the time to shoot these, what a guy !!!


Pumpkin I have a sona that is cooler and dryer.
These are glass Warbler.
This is a secret garden Hanne with glass flowers.
Thank you PamCal they do get your attention in the fog.
I guess they are doing a poor job Celeste as they are fake.
Thank you Shirley I wanted to pick them but I could not do that and get my lens dry.


A bit hot and humid there, eh?


Where's Yodo? Nice shot, PG


Some hidden secrets in a secret place far from everything!! Thanks so very much PG - I feel a little as if I peep at something that I shouldn't peep at, something very private in the wood!!

Another beauty!


Those are really cool looking. They almost look fake.
:) Love it PG


Lovely picture PG, Thanks,


Gladstone this is in a green house and the path runs through it.


Looks like a jungle in there. How do you get along or is this just off the path? Great pictures!!


One should not PG.


Lyndee you are now starting to get a little personal are you not? One should never make fun of another's lens should one?


Well if you didn't have such a big lens on your camera PG! LOL


Yep nothing like going from 40 degrees and 50% humidity to 90 degrees and 110% humidity and try to get a picture without waiting for an hour for the glass to return to normal.


Nice shot young man. My camera never did clear up enough to get this right.