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A chilly -27C this morning

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Wind makes it feel like -40C.


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You can't dress for fashion when dealing with these extreme cold temperatures. Whatever it takes to stay warm is what I wear :-))


Yes, Edie - you do dress apropriately and I do almost the same - where I live it's usually between -10 to -20 C. In the mountain areas the conditions is more like yours.


Rosie I find it's all about dressing properly when you go out. You need the right clothes and it has to be layered. If I didn't have to do things for the chickens I'm sure I could even manage to keep my hands warm. I have huge down mitts that I've worn walking the dogs and my hands were fine.


Much better today Jill. Right now -16C warming up to -11 and the sun is shining so quite nice really.


Know exactly how you feel, Edie, same kind of weather here. But I don't have to go out, just open the door to let Spenser out and then back in and that's enough exposure to the cold for me. I still admire your stamina and spunk!!!


Oh, my goodness......BRRRRRRR!!!!!


I keep hearing about the polar vortex on the news. Now I know what it looks like from space. Thanks Jan that was very interesting :-))


PJ my wardrobe now consists of three pair of fleece ski underwear, some merino wool tank tops and track pants and hoodies in a variety of colours. The fleece is worn over the merino wool, then a hoodie. If it's really cold like today I wear a down vest under my chicken coop cleaning jacket. When I walk the dogs I wear my down jacket. Don't need anything under that. I wear a merino wool neck warmer which I pull up over my nose a hat with ear muffs over top and then two hoods. Two pair of wool socks and heavy boots. It's only my hands that are a problem. I have lots of gloves but I can't do things with the chicken feeders and waterers unless I take them off. As for the other 90% of my closet. It almost never gets worn :-))))


Thanks Florrie. I don't feel like anyone's hero that's for sure. Just doing what needs to be done and thankfully I'm still mobile enough to do it. So far so good, all systems go :-)))


Thanks Lorna. If there's one thing I've learned as I got older is that complaining about things out of your control is a waste of time and no one really wants to hear it. Humour still seems to help in a lot of situations though I have to admit it was hard to find during the 5 days without power :-)))


BRRRR I just posted what this cold spell looks like for space, NOAC picture.


Dear Edie - yes, it is cold - but like me, I guess you are used to it - and you looked very appropriately dressed the other day. My wardrobe is divided in 6 according to temperatures - and you may have a similar one, lol,


Good grief Edie, I don't know how you and the others have retained a sense of humour with those temperatures, but good for you. Be sure to take as much care of yourself as you do your assorted animals and birds! (Glad to hear they are unconcerned and continue to provide some eggs)


It's the same as -40F hooknstitch. Cold enough to freeze your knitting needles to your fingers. Thanks for mentioning your temps. :-))))


I will assume -40C is cold. Here in south Florida USA at 5am it was a nippy blustery yet mild 46*F. Didn't even need a sweater.


Thanks Mat. Have to laugh, tears will only freeze :-)))


I'm glad you said something, I was all set to call the SPCSA,
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Stuffed Animals.
But now I see that it she an ASC an arctic snow cat and that changes every thing.
Stay warm and keep laughing... Mat


Thanks Robbie. That's quite the fierce looking Tshirt. I could use that guy around here to get rid of some of my predators. I don't think anyone would take him on. The sign he's holding actually says 'Meowy Christmas' but it's been covered by the blowing snow. I guess we had pretty strong winds during the night because the whole area under the overhang was covered in snow and I could see the rabbit tracks leading to the dogs drinking bowl. Last night they were eating under the bird feeders and the looked like snow shoe rabbits. Completely white. I threw them a few cabbage leaves and some carrots but they seem to prefer the left over bird seed. Not sure why I feed them since they strip the bark off my nice flowering shrubs and killed 3 of them last winter. I saw your new postings. You really know how to rub it in :-))))


Barb I'm surprised it's that cold there. I talked with someone in TO yesterday and they were 10 degrees warmer than we were. It is quite an awakening when you step outside. I just swept of the snow from the deck and put the dogs beds out with their blankets and towels. I usually only bring the towels in overnight to warm and dry but with those temperatures I brought in everything to give them something comfortable to lay on. Glad that you're able to stay inside today. I may not walk the dogs and cut my chicken visits from 5 to 3 or 4. However the eggs will freeze and crack if I don't go out to pick them up.


Just checked weather network Michelle and it ways that we're at -23 with windchill of -41. That's colder than earlier so I guess the wind has picked up. Later I'll try and clear my truck and see if it will start. I'll just wait a few degrees :-)))


When I woke up this morning, the wind chill was minus 40 as well, Edie. At the moment it's minus 38C so not much different from you. The sun is shining, not that it makes much difference to anyone who has to go out. Fortunately, I'm stocked up and have no intention of going outside. Hope you can do your outdoor chores quickly today. Stay safe and warm! How are the chicks? :-)


I did "quick rounds" this morning Ardy. Just morning mash, water and some scratch. Will head out later to do the cleaning. It's really only my hands that are the big problem. They were cold before I really got started just from doing the dogs and the upstairs group. They aren't even on their perch. They're scratching around in the straw and had laid 3 eggs so they seem to be doing just fine :-)))


But at Edie left some food Lela..........that the squirrels probably ate!.......Also there is a very thoughtful "meow" sign explaining what he is if the snow gets too heavy!! Funny puzzle Edie!


Lela he has a hat and scarf and I brushed him off a bit so he's fine. Haven't heard him complain once since he's been outside. He is however looking for a new home and I've heard that Goodwill does an excellent job at rehoming unwanted pets. Unless of course you need an outdoor cat in Bonga Bonga. He's yours for the taking. Just send travel $$$$.


-22°C right now (with a windchill factor of -37°C) and a bright sunny one...all the better to fool you into trying to go outside. Not a chance, if I can help it! Letting the dogs out into the yard for their morning ablutions was enough this morning. (Smooth coated Meara yelled at me to let her come right back in!) I'm looking forward to the warmer weather on the weekend but also hope that we don't get unplanned skating rinks...again. Try to keep warm, Edie. Definitely a day to pull the hood down to the snow goggles and the scarf up to meet them! Hurrah for down filled coats!


Yes KayleneP that is our motto isn't it. LOL. I'm in Guelph and for some reason we are having much colder temperatures than my relatives. Toronto, Aurora and Wasaga Beach are all 10 degrees warmer. Somehow this morning with the sun shining it does a lot to lift your spirits. Mine anyways. Stay warm.


Thanks Ank. I had seen on the news that a lot of Europe has milder temperatures so far this year. As long as the power stays on we'll be fine. The chickens have their lamps and heated water dishes so they're fine too. This morning I only fed them and gave them water and had to come back in. My hands got cold so quickly. It's already warmed up to -24C so I will go out again soon.


This is an arctic snow cat JM. He loves being outdoors in these temperatures :-))


Thanks for your comments cindie, lynne, Sharon and paqron. It is nippy for sure. Something about an Artic vortex I heard on the tv. Doesn't happen that often and it's the coldest temperatures in my memories. Stay warm wherever you are.


BRRRR Be careful, Edie.


This is shocking!!......And i thought you were an animal lover!..........


Good morning. I live just north of Lake Ontario between Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario. It is -20C (which is approx. -4F) with a slight breeze bringing the temperature to -32C (or approx. -26F) because of the wind chill factor. It is a bright and sunny day but a wee bit nippy. Hopefully the cold will remain this time and kill off all the nasty little germs that are in the air.


Brrrr, poor friends. This is too cold. I hope you all can stay in. Keep it warm.
It's very strange, we still don't have winter. It's 10.3C (51F) and it's 3.40 PM now. I wished I could send you a bit of our temp.


It's too cold out .. even for a Stuffed Cat !!

Its even 8 degrees here this morning in Richmond, Va, very cold for us!

Sheesh..It is 7:20 am and it is 28F with no wind...we are having a heat wave!!!! You girls stay inside and keep warm. It's been a long time since we have been as cold as you are having.

My granddaughter is a Calif girl and is in New York on business this week. I'm thinking it's a REAL eye opener for her, HA!!!!!!!!


I can relate to that temperature-I live just outside Buffalo NY and we are having a blizzard!