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Thanks Kathy. I hadn't even noticed the times. I haven't been on as much today as I would like.


Okay, now it's getting crazy ... 3 for 3 with identical times! Are you going to work your 4th? That would be amazing...
Great designs today:-)))


So I had to google Keith Haring. I definitely see what you mean. His work is really neat. Could you imagine some of those pieces turned into puzzles? There would be some real monsters.


The colors and design are Keith Haring-like, yes! Now that you mention it, I can see that "graffiti"!


Thanks Rosie and Pat. It's neat how everyone gets their own vibe from a puzzle. The center reminded me of spaceships, but I see the binkies now that you say it. As for the Aztec, I can see that too, but I was thinking the colors are more grafitti like. Everyone sees different things and that's what makes it so much fun.


Wonderful! Love the bright colors and the fun pattern--the 3 violet center sections remind me of my grandsons' binkies! :-)))


Brilliant use of color in this composition. Has Aztec feel to it. I love this one. Thanks, Rosie