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Another Soft-Serve

460 pieces
169 solves
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You sound like Bob, who hates spinach--he thinks. When I make a salad with spinach, or stuff a chicken breast with cheese and spinach, or serve a hot entree with a nice sauce--or even a specific pasta--over spinach, he thinks it's delicious. He just can't stand poorly chopped, stems not removed, soggy cooked spinach, the way his mother cooked it! But, no, spinach ice cream is just a little too yuck, even for me!


Yes, spinach might be okay in a smoothie, mixed with other things. But this is a layer of spinach ice cream, so does not sound appealing. Not that spinach is appealing in the first place; carrots - no problem, broccoli - perhaps!!!! Although neither as ice cream flavours! LOL


My daughter Jessica makes smoothies with spinach and carrots and broccoli, but, because she adds frozen berries as well, you can't even taste the veggies. So they're very nutritious, a great way to get your raw veggies, and delicious! I was skeptical the first time I took a sip, but they really do taste like the fruit. Now ice cream, however..... !


Another wonderful swirl, PD. I'd like all the flavours mentioned on the small version, with the exception of spinach. Spinach soft serve??? Yuk. Thanks for the puzzle, PD.