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Corellas In Our Palm Tree....

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Mobs/Flocks have been coming to the palm tree in our front yard for several days now to feast on the fruit of the palm... Very noisy guys, but beautiful to watch...


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Thanks Rob... They are noisy... Last night a flock/mob came in and every TV antenna (about 30 to 40 feet/10 to 12 meters tall), on the block had 15 to 20 Corellas on them... What a sight... Loved it.... :) :)

Thanks, Shirley... They seem to be able to find food everywhere... I'm sure some of the farmers lose part of their crops to them... It's a hard balance... :) :)

G'Day Anne... They are beautiful.... :) :)

You are welcome, Patti... Glad you enjoyed them.... :) :)

If you feed them, they will come... By the droves... Thanks, Suzy.... :) :)


Those are some pretty birds! Nice of you to take care of their nourishment.


What a treat! Thanks for the great set!


Hello Cocky!!


Our neighbour down the road feeds his dairy cows in troughs and these little corellas come down to pick up what they spill, some days the ground is white with them, they do have their distinct sound which can be very noisy, so pleased you can experience these in the wild Sally, great picture too, Thanks Sally. :):)


I envy you - they look great!! We've had Galahs & Lorikeets next door at the feeder & they're noisy too. Lovely - thanks Sally.