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An old wildflower picture from days go by

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Hi there Laura, you would have to ask me that :))) Well, it seems to me that my first inclination many years ago was thinking it was a balloon flower..a bellflower of some sort the companula family...I may be over thinking it though, because there was something surprising about this plant once it was idendified, seems to me..but So many years have passed I may just confusing the me the first thing that still comes to mind is a companula- a bellflower- and that certainly includes balloon flowers...but there are other varieties within that I cannot say for 100 percent sure on that...but that the leaves and stems do seem to indicate in the bellflower family somewhere..And you may very well be correct on that.


Is this a balloon flower? JJ, I answered your question about Aberdeen on "The Last of the Scotland Photos."


I used to know what it was Cakononi56, but I am drawing a blank on it this morning..:)

Does anyone know what type of flower this is? I also have a picture of one I'd like to submit.


Thanks, JJ! Nice to see a flower at this time of year.