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Fall Swall--I Mean Swirl!

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Thanks, whatnauts.

S'wonderful--thanks, Mary! :-)))


Swall, swirl, swell! 7:15 Thanks, Pat!


I agree with your conclusion.


I was just reading some descriptions, and they said just what you did--and some thought it was a good tactic and showed the administration's vitality and commitment, and some thought it made him look patronizing and contemptuous... At least he was lively, and held his own, and most comments, even those that didn't like him that much, thought he was probably the winner, if by a slim margin. I'll take that--better than Obama did......


It's hard to tell who's winning, but it's an interesting debate. They are interrupting each other constantly, making jibes, etc. It's certainly entertaining and nothing like last week's debate. Joe is jumping in and saying what he thinks and laughing at Ryan at times, so he could get blasted by the pundits for that.


As usual, I'm afraid to watch...... I've been making puzzles, instead. Why am I so nervous? It's just the fate of my country, and thus the fate of a good part of the rest of the world, that's at stake in this election.......... Oh. dear......

Getting back to things we actually have some power over, I'm glad you like this--thanks, whatnauts!


This is a swell swirl swall!!!

(The VP debate has just started so I think I'll find a large puzzle to work, so I don't have to worry about reading and writing comments.)


If I'm not trying to alliterate, I'm trying to rhyme--nothing is ever simple with me! I'm glad you liked the swall, Kathy! And I love being called a GPM--thanks! :-D


Swell swall ~ thanks, Oh Great Puzzle Maker!!


Thanks so much, Barb, Ardy, Jan, and Katie--this was a regular swirl that I first made weird, then embossed. For some reason, that seems to give me wonderful fall colors. I wonder if doing that will make Christmasy ones in the winter?! Somehow I doubt it...! :-)


Pat, this was so fun. You think we can announce a list of new words, that would be something, wouldn't it. Swall, your newest addition to the list is so fun and logical.


Love this one Pat!


Beautiful swirl! I love the colors - very different with the splashes of color in unexpected, but wonderful places! Thanks, Pat!


I like swalls as well as swirls. Love all the colors. Thanks, Pat.


Enjoyed this, Pat, thanks! :-)


Thanks, Wendy--I love the colors on this!


Pat, this is TERRIFIC too! :-)