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I came, I saw, I conquered!


Hi omom - Please see my puzzle

I want a million looks even if not solves


Katie, thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying my puzzles. Do you have hand/arm issues?


Hi Gail, I really like the start to your new series! I always choose the smallest puzzle size when you post in different sizes. That gives me time to get to more. It also helps with using hand and forearm muscle use in all the dragging and dropping it takes to put a puzzle together.


I'm glad you're going to like my upcoming puzzles. I haven't even really started making puzzles out of my original image for this series, but this is one of them I finished. A Jigidi friend just sent me a expensive new program, one that I never could have afforded. I haven't even loaded it yet, much less looked at it. She's kind enough to offer to spend any amount of time on the phone that I need to learn it with her. Can you imagine?! What a gift. I was overwhelmed by her generosity, but she wishes to remain anonymous. I'm planning on spending the majority of my time in the near future learning this program. It will allow me to make puzzles drastically different from the ones I've posted, and I hope you and everyone else likes them. It's Octolearn time!

I looked at all your links. The pieces in "Aloof" vary in size, but only slightly, and they're large enough for me to want to solve. You can now see with Spacemen the difference that resizing makes. I think I'm going to create a puzzle with a message that says that Jigidi has changed and you might want to take a look at your puzzles and consider resizing. I don't think many people notice, especially if you don't solve your own puzzles. Talking to me about pixels and mb's and kb's is like talking to someone who understands miles but not kilometers, or inches but not centimeters. I can't relate what you said to what I know. In my program in the resizing area, when I resize I make my puzzles at least 1,300 px square (I'm assuming that's pixels) for a square puzzle, and 1,500x1,200 px for rectangular puzzles. That's enough to get larger pieces. I would think that 3,468x2,376 is more than sufficient to get the larger pieces. As for changing the number of pieces, I've been experimenting with posting my kaleidos at 35 and 100 pieces. My solve rates haven't changed all that much, but I don't have a database like some people and haven't really taken the time to check all my solve rates. While the kaleidos everyone is posting are beautiful and the posters are very creative people, I think Jigidi has become overrun with them, lowering the solve rates for all. I don't know what the answer is to that issue, so I don't know how to advise you. Some of my puzzles warrant posting in a larger size, others warrant a smaller size, depending on my view of the complexity and difficulty. I've posted puzzles asking for what people like and what sizes they like, and I only got a couple of responses, and those were from my regular friends. If I were you, I'd post in whatever size you like to solve. That's my advice, and I'm sticking with it... Does that answer your question, or am I misreading it?


Hi Gail. I think I am going to like your new series.

I had a play around yesterday with some of my pictures with regard to picture size/puzzle piece size and as far as I can tell it seems to be that the smaller number of pixels a picture has, the smaller the puzzle pieces will be. From about 1000 pixels it didn't seem to make much difference. Check out these puzzles which I think show what I mean.
The picture of "Aloof " opens up in my photo-editing program at 23.5 Mb (megabites) with a pixel size of 3468 x 2376 but as far as I can see there doesn't seem to me to be much difference in the size of the puzzle pieces between this and the resized version whereas "Spacemen" opens up to only 564kb (only slightly more than half a megabite) and has tiny pieces. In the resized version the pieces are bigger. The pixel size also seems to determine the number of pieces which can be created - the fewer the pixels, the fewer the pieces.
Most of my pictures are ones I take myself with a digital camera and have large file sizes. I have looked through some of the kaleido puzzles I have posted and the pieces seem quite large to me. Perhaps I will reduce the size dowm from 81 pieces to about 54. What do you think?