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treasure of sannicolau,romania

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magnificent treasure!


injustices of life and of history can be found all over the world, Hanna ... this is not the only case in which romania lost a great value. in Russia is the treasure of Romania, made ??in 1918 during the First World War.


But it should be in Romania!! Why is it in Austria - because of wars??? It belongs to you really!! Thanks so much Vera, hugs!


They look is perfect condition, what a great find.


Great Treasure of Sânnicolau consists of 23 objects of gold, total weight over 10 kilograms, from the early medieval period. It is considered one of the most important treasures of early medieval Europe.
Treasure was discovered in 1799, on 3 July, Banat village Sannicolau Mare
by Nera Vuin peasant, while digging a pit in the yard, next to a vineyard near the point called Szighet.
now, treasure is in austria ...