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40 pieces
159 solves
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Thanks Shirley... It's sort of pinky purply... Glad you had fun with it.... :) :)

481110, or may I call you 48? Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed this one.... :) :)

Thanks Snooker.... It was hard to find a background color that wasn't already a state color.... :) :)

Ah Ha... Katie, so you're the founder and President of the OFC... (At first I thought you were talking about the Ohio Fan Club)... Don't tell anyone, it was pure luck, I gave OH your lovely orange color.... As an aside... Libby/javasage is President of the PFC ... She does a marvelous job of Ooohing and Aaahing over all things purple.... :) :)

Thank you Ank.... My best guess and my opinion on smaller states on the East Coast vs bigger states in the Western US: Smaller, denser population during the early settlements (1600's).... Less mobility, no cars, planes, trains.... People needed to be closely unified for protection and access to resources... The US didn't originally own all the land that's now on the map.... Over several hundred years it was purchased through various deals... The Louisiana Purchase being one.... Land was measured differently after several hundred years... As the west grew there was a need for bigger plots of land.... Cattle grazing, more acreage for crops.... (more people to grow food for....) The evolution of the wide open spaces....

Pumpkin you've done a fair bit of traveling.... With gorgeous photos to prove it.... Looks like you'll have all 48 done in no time.... If ever you go back to CA, please let us know, we can find a place to meet and greet .... :) :)


My time of 2:38 is quite pitiful, but enjoyed solving the puzzle. Have been to all but Texas (sorry snooker!), Oklahoma, Arkansas, (all to be "done" this spring), New Mexico and Oregon( a furture journey). I am well on my way to checking them all off. My sweetie has been in all of the lower 48.


Sorry for the jigidi shorthand - OFC stands for Orange Fan Club. There's also an active Purple Fan Club (PFC).


Thanks Ditto, I like this one, with this colors you can see the different states very well. Funny that at the east coast the states are that small.

Buckeye, your name is written on my shirt. Please tell me what is OFC? (I'm from Europe, is that an excuse ?)


Oh, happy day! Ohio is the home of the founder of the OFC! Did you plan it this way? Thanks for the fun Sally!

That's one way to use a lot of color. Like the pink background. :)


enjoyed it - thank you


This is great Sally, very colourful, fun to solve, I thought you my have used purple for your home in the USA. Thanks sally. :):)