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for my love

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the closest distance between two points is a line from me to you... feet turning black / is this the path we must walk / no turning back / wish i could just hear you talk / could something like this be pulled from under our feet / leaving our skin and burning coals to meet


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Love your number comments--my husband and son have 13 as their favorite number, and I've always been cool with it myself--and I notice things like your time when they happen to me, too. And congratulations on your anniversary. I know what that means from personal experience...

I checked out your profile because I saw your comment on a welshatheist2 puzzle--it's nice to meet like-minded people. :-)


WOW... I'm in love with this song, it's one of the few that I listen to every time I'm in my car, sometimes more than once. It's The Glitch Mob feat. Swan song "Between Two Points", and I really identify with the lyrics. This image pulled at me as soon as I saw it, just like the song it relates to did, and just like the subject of my affection did, as if magnetically. An interesting thing happened when I created this puzzle. I slid the sizer all the way up to 400 pieces, then back down again, settling on 169 pieces, which is the perfect size for me, challenging without being unmanageable. When I finally got around to actually solving this puzzle, almost a full day after it was created and posted, I was slightly amused to see that it had four 13 piece edges (It hadn't even registered with me that it was a square image), and wondered if anyone else had noticed or even been put off by the supposedly 'unlucky' number. I've known some people who were extremely bothered by such things, but I've never put much stock in superstitions. Imagine my surprise when I completed the puzzle and saw that my time was 26:52!!! Ha ha, now I'm not so sure about my belief or non-belief, and I think I should probably either go buy a lottery ticket or stay inside for the rest of the day! LOL... really... Oh, and by the way, I created this puzzle on Jan. 4, 2013, which also coincidentally was my One Year Anniversary of being sober after 22+ years of daily substance abuse. (YAY me!)