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Kirsten and Deborah ~ can you guess what this is?

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I do believe you, Robbie, much more than I'd believe Rob, Kirsten, and especially lela. But then I read the rest of your comment, and will now have to put you in the same category as the others. How sad.... (Thanks for the compliment, though!)


OM before reading the comments, I was going to guess "Marine Gastropod Mollusk!" and imagine my surprise when I read your answer!!.....( I know for sure you won't believe that load of rubbish!! ) Actually I would have guessed basket with some sort of fruit. However I can tell you that I am familiar with the Nudibranch through dad's shell collecting, but have never seen a live one. This is a beautiful puzzle, thanks.


Oh, you're all such Mashers!


Rob, shame on you!!! You've given me permission to use your bugs, and you've enjoyed them!


I'm with you Kirsten, and as I've said before, I HATE the time zones!!!

Love the reference to Colonel Klink!


Gail!!! I'm not evil...You've been listening to Kirsten too much! But I do have to say, NO critter, NO pic, No anything is off limits to my blender!!! HeHeHe...


Damn these timezones!!! *shakes fist like Colonel Klink* LOL

Although I'm pretty crap at guessing what these things are anyway, so maybe I arrived at just the right time!!


Well I was way off there Gail!!!!! I love the colours still :))


Don't count on it, Rob. I'm just as evil as she is. It's a nudibranch, a relative of the sea slug.


A stack of pancakes with a mixed Berry Coulis. Even if it's not true Gail, it sounds much better than Deborah's bug :))) Anyway - you're much kinder to bugs than she is :)))))


Is it a bug or a reptile of some kind??? Maybe an iguana???


I was going to guess a basket, but since I now know it's not...I'm going to guess........I DUNNO!!! It would sure help if I knew the kinds of things you liked to kaleido!!!


Very pretty colors and great textures!! Thanks for the small size, and the fun!! :)


Nope. Not even close.


Is it a candle in a type of wicker basket .


Answer will be given later tonight.