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Thank you dear Mandy. I had to do a lot with this one because otherwise it was pretty boring. Like I already stated, I kept changing things before I was finally satisfied.


Wow - Wendy this one looks way more complicated than your other ones... you continually surprise me with your creativity, thanks you so much :~))


Edie, I know you were going to change it back....and I was just waiting. ;-)
Where do you live that your taxes aren't due until the end of the month?
Anyway, even if our taxes were due at the end of the month, I'd still wait until only a few days before to start on them.

Annecilla, thank you very much. You're right about this one. It took me quite a bit longer than it usually takes me to create the planter puzzles even though the design is a fairly simple one. I kept making changes....which is why it took so long.


A very interesting puzzle which I enjoyed doing. You are very clever to create this. It must take you a long time to do it.


I told you I would change back eventually and today I did. Our taxes aren't due till the end of the month but I don't do them anyway and mine are very simple so OH does them himself.


Thank you, dear Mariasha and PJ. I really enjoy making them, and I hope you guys like your puzzles when you 'get' them. :-) I'm going to be offline shortly, but will be up later on to start working on some of the puzzles for you. :-)


A very fun challenge, Wendy - and great colors :-)

These planters, as you call them, are really fun to put together...thanks Wendy.


Edie, I'm so glad you're back to being you again. I really do love your avatar. And yes, I have a lot of planters which need flowers for you guys. I'm so tired after finally finishing the taxes that I'm going to go to bed very shortly.


Well you must have given them a good dose of antihistamines because all of their blotches have cleared up. Wonderful selection. You've made so many now you must have enough planters to start a nursery. Loved them. Thanks Wendy


Willy, the only reason why you love these colors right now is because they're behaving themselves. Earlier on today they were being very bad. Seriously. I had to run test run after test run, because the colors were too blotchy. I finally found colors that Jigidi didn't mind too much.


Wendy, I love all those colors and I am gonna do this beautiful puzzle now,
Willy. ;-)


Well, Billie, the solid colors were misbehaving this morning, but now they are good. You just happened to have caught them at the right time. ;-)

Good solid colors, interesting combinations.