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The Lion King

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Sam expanding his world
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  1. Syke0:23
  2. racoonstar0:28
  3. Dilubreuer0:28
  4. Dclo0:31
  5. Ianto0:33
  6. cobra0:38
  7. Deanna0:38
  8. petr6450:39
  9. wshealy0:40
  10. EvaLen0:42


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Good for Bella, Val. :-)


Judy our Bella is finally checking out people when they are in our garden, instead of running away and hiding, big steps for her only taken nearly 4 years lol☺


Very nice again! Thanks Judy.


He’s come out of his shell a lot. Thanks for visiting Wanda. :-)


Wow! Judy, I remember back a short time ago when this guy was hiding in your closet. How happy and content he looks now. Thank you for your wonderful updates. Wanda


Thanks Jerry. All our cats have been rescues. A long line of cats. Back to my childhood, and I’m 60. Sometimes they knocked on my front door. Lol

thanks for adopting him and his sister. As one who has a 8 cat feral colony and treasure each one and have adopted and rescued many others, my hat is off to you.
Best to you.


That’s what he wants you to think, but if you came up the steps he would run inside. We adopted him and his sister as feral kittens after 8 weeks old, so he only likes a few close family members and hides from everyone else. Thanks for your visit broncolady. :-)

"...I'm the BOSS...No one dares come onboard without my approval...".... LOL


I guessed what you meant lol


"lover duck" is pretty close to "wonderful lion cat." I know I've heard it before and I thought it had something to do with boats -- sort of the opposite of "landlubber." Silly on my part. Thanks -- troubles me when I can't trace down a phrase like that.


In means lover duck, as in affectionate and loving. Sorry I’m not sure if I made it up. Someday linguists of the future may track the fall of the English language back to me. ;-)


Hi Judy, I've heard the term "lubber duck" but don't know what it means. Got my curiosity up. Can't find it online either. What is it? (Maybe it means "wonderful lion cat."


Thanks Val. He’s a lubber duck too. :-)


Cute cat and title Judy☺☺


Thanks Deanna. He’s been an indoor cat all his life. He’s gotten brave since he came to live with me. :-)


Judy, your Sam is really like a lion, it's a fun, miniature lion who is watching you ♥:))


Thanks Returner. The deck is baby safe, as well as Sam safe. :-)


Way to go, Sam, and a lovely day for it.

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