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Crystal Squirrels

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Hi Ardy, yes they are cute little rascals. Glad to have brought back some fun memories for you. We had something similar with our kitchen window in the house I grew up in when we first moved to Toronto. My grandmother lived with us then, and we had a squirrel who would come everyday to the kitchen window and my grandmother would open the latch (a very small one which he couldn't get in) and feed the little critter. It was fun to watch. :-)


Hi Katie, I would say that a good 90% of the squirrels here in Toronto are black, with the occasional grey, or brown but certainly not the colours in this puzzle. LOL! It appears we're to have lots of precipitation starting later tomorrow - a mix of snow and rain depending on temperatures I suppose. Also gusty winds. Hope you don't have to go out tomorrow, if so, stay dry and warm. :-)


Cute little rascals. We once had a bird feed on the kitchen window that had a plastic roll cover. We could push it forward and fill the feeder from the kitchen and then pull the cover back. It provided protection in bad weather as long as the storm wasn't coming that way. We had a squirrel who thought it was his own private nest and would sleep in the feeder. we could open the window even and he wouldn't budge. We didn't open the screen though for fear he might dart into the house. Thanks, Barb for this fun puzzle and for some fun memories.

I worked at school for about 3 1/2 hours. How was your afternoon?


Hi Barb, squirrels are such adorable little critters. I've not seen any brightly colored ones like this in my yard though! I do have one that stores food in the frame around the transom above my front door. It's weird to hear it climbing up the bricks to get there. Hope you're enjoying the calm before the storms - tomorrow it's going to rain pretty much all day here.