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Glass unicorn

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This was made from the image of a glass unicorn ... not sure you can still see the unicorn after the kaleido maker did its stuff. :-)) Also, the colours will look a little brighter once solved.


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Thanks, Gail. I just got home and we have a mix of rain / snow. The wind has picked up and I felt quite cold outside. Glad to be home. Try and stay warm, Gail.

Glad you liked the puzzle, zaweber. And please feel free to send some warmth up north. :-)))

Reading all these comments makes me glad I live in Florida. I love this puzzle, by the way.


I agree with Michelle. I was going to write almost the same thing about the beautiful colored crystal snowflakes. The weather wasn't so lovely in Minnesota on Sunday-freezing rain and snow, but Saturday was okay. No mild weather here either. By the end of the week it's supposed to dip below 0 Farenheit again.


Thanks, Michelle ... they do look rather like snowflakes which seems appropriate. :-))
Other than it being a little cold and breezy, it was a lovely day Saturday with all that sunshine so in a way I'm not surprised that everyone wanted to get out and about. I only went out briefly, it was tough walking along the side streets, very slippery in parts. Wonder if it will be slushy today with the mild weather. Hope you have a lovely day too! :-)


Your glass unicorn morphed into lovely crystalline snowflakes, Barb! I have to concur that your colours reflect really beautifully.

Glad to hear that you made it through our latest storm a-ok. I ended up posting some pix to share snow with our friends who aren't used to seeing it. (Did you notice how many people were out and about shopping on Saturday? It seems to be a trend after major storms have passed! LOL) Enjoy your bingo and good luck!


Glad you like the colours even if you can't actually see the unicorn (I couldn't either - lol).
It rained quite heavily in the night and we are due more showers today as it's quite a bit milder but it's going to take a lot of rain to clear the snow we got. Yesterday, on the way to the bus stop, as I was walking by our apartment driveway, there was a snowbank off to one side that was as tall as me!!! I'm 5'2 so you know we got a fair dumping of snow last Friday. I will be going to bingo later this morning. :-)


I can really tell it's glass or crystal but I do not see the unicorn. Sorry. But I love the puzzles and all it's wonderful colors. Thanks, Barb. rain here. What's it doing your way? Will you be able to get out with your bingo buddies?


Thanks, Robbie, so glad you found this fun, and I'm pleased to know you can actually see the unicorn. :-)))


Yes I see it prancing and flying around from colour to clour! Fun puzzle and pretty kaleido Barb, thanks.


Thanks, Kirsten. I have to agree that glass and crystal work well with the kaleido maker. So pleased you enjoyed this. :-)


Ah, glass and kaleido makers. A match made in heaven. Only improved by the judicious use of glorious colour. Thanks so much Barb, I really enjoyed this one. :)))