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Corella Looking For The Choicest Morsel....

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Too true, Jill... Seeing these beauties and many more, is unbelievable at times... The pink and grey Galahs, the Port Lincoln Ringnecks (known as 28's)... The birds here have spectacular coloring.... Will have some more shots after we visit the Big Swamp Wildlife Park, with walk-in aviaries for some up close shots.... As I type a flock of Corellas is coming in, we can here them squawking... Going to grab the camera... Ooroo for now.... :) :)


It is so hard to comprehend being able to look out and see this beauty, and more like him. He is elegant! The yellow tail feathers are so striking with the blue highlights on his face. Thanks, Sally. I am awestruck!


Thanks, Shirley, Patti, Ank and Suzy.... These are my first published shots with the new Christmas camera... Lots of buttons and lots to read... I do love the zoom ability... Best I've ever had in a camera... Good fun.... :) :)) :)))


Ablue eyed beauty! Thanks for introducing me to corella!


Very beautiful sally. I love the set.


Wonderful Sally! Thank you!


I think he found it Sally, he'll be back and bring his mates, Great snap, Thanks Sally. :):)