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Yes, Edie, I do. LOL

whatnauts, I fixed the title on the other one. I hope it sticks. ;-)


Awesome cool !!!!! Thanks much.


Thank you so much, so you do have a heart after all....


See, Edie. Just for you, I posted an easy one to solve. LOL


Tah Dah!!!! Much easier than the one before. Thanks Wendy


Pat, I made a bunch of splat puzzles last night. Apparently we both had paint on our minds. You're funny. You just did what I always do now. Even though I don't solve, I actually get excited when I see a cool puzzle that someone like you created. Now I'm know I'm not the only weird one. ;-)


Yes, I wrote the comment as soon as I saw the puzzle, because I was so excited by it--I wasn't expecting to knock her down! LOL! I do like the New Year puzzle, too. :-)))


Pat, I had so much fun last night! I made a thousand puzzles. LOL Well, you knocked poor missingserenity off the top spot which wasn't very nice of you. Now she'll be missing even more serenity. BUT did you check out her Happy New Year puzzle? Even though I don't think she creates any of her own, the puzzle is awesome.


I LOOOOOVE this puzzle! WOW!!! :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

(And I think it's cool that the person in first at the moment is named "missingserenity"--she/he should solve your flower puzzle, and then serenity won't be missing! LOL!).