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Hoping autumn comes soon

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In Oregon, the temp over the weekend had a high of 88 degrees and a low of 58 degrees. In Florida, cool is 90 degrees. Aye, aye, aye.


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Ah, now I remember. You told me once before. If I remember correctly (not an easy thing for me), last time I asked I might have mentioned that I'd probably ask you again three or four times before it finally sticks. I'm like a bowl of spaghetti ~ throw a bunch on the wall and see what sticks....


I live in Slovakia, in Central Europe. We get hot(-ish) summers and cold winters!


Where do you lie, Joanne, that you have to suffer all that in the winter?


A lovely puzzle but I don't want autumn or winter soon! Winters are cold and hard. It means shivering, chopping wood, shovelling snow (sometimes being snowed in) and skidding on ice when out in the car. Yuck! I need to move back to Greece!


I'm so glad I made you smile, latifa, and really appreciate your compliment. You're so very welcome.


What a happy fall collage! Makes me smile. You have a really great sense of color Gail! Thanks