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1863 12-pound Napoleon

35 pieces
77 solves
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Good eyes, cevas! It sure is! I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out!


Very good picture! Thanks, JC. Is that your red truck outside?


Thanks, Milady. I prefer the science and natural history museums but any museum is enjoyable.


Oh my gosh, I'm on the board - for at least minute. Wow. Still not really perky but doing better. I am a history lover too but especially in this era of our history, I'm most interested in the economic, religeous, social and political aspects of our society that got us to use these machines of destruction against each other. Thank Sue for a really great photo - she's good!!! I think my favorite museums are science museums - the hands on kind. Thanks JC for exploring and finding the info you share with us.


My Hubby would be right there with you, JC! He is quite the history buff and this era in our history is especially interesting to him. Thanks for sharing!!


Yes, Chickie, Sue and I always have a lot of fun going places. Sue is interested in the history of the area and I love playing tourist!


Looks like you and Sue had another fun day. Thanks jcarroll.


Thanks, Robbiel and Pat. I love going through museums and especially love the ones where I can touch things and take pictures.


Great picture had fun solving thanks


Nice picture jc and fun to solve. I enjoyed reading up about this cannon, thanks.


This is not a reproduction. It has a solid brass tube and has spent most of its life in a park exposed to the elements. Notice the wear on the end of the barrel.