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Bolton Hall, Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire. Photo by Chris Downer

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Daffodils line the perimeter of the grounds of this building which, originating from the 12th-century gateway to the priory, has been extended into a rather grand lodge for the Dukes of Devonshire.

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Slowly getting warmer but we are expecting heavy rain and gales next week. It started off well today with sunshine but now it's clouded over and raining, luckily we got our walk in before the rain. Your garden will look a picture when you've planted your bulbs, can't wait to see pictures. Keep well Phyllis...Sue


Just look at all those daffodils, what a lovely sight. I've just bought bluebell and daffodils bulbs today, for the new house, Sue.I'm looking for some Lily of the Valley, but they're not so easy to come by.
Hope your weather is picking up now. We had a fogbnear Hamilton today but temps still up around 22c.


I bet they've got a motorised mower that you sit on and drive, it would cut the grass in no time. I like the daffodils, we are hoping to see Spring this weekend so should see plenty of flowers, I hope. Thanks 48...Sue


That's a lot of work for the gardeners! :-) Very pretty - thanks again Sue.


I wouldn't be surprised it's the sort of backdrop that goes with the Antiques Roadshow...Sue

Has Bolton Abbey been featured on Antiques Roadshow?