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Kaleidos made from ...... Origami Flowers!! ~ Small

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I made these kaleidoscopes from freely available images of origami flowers. I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each 3x3 collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)

And a reminder to my regular solvers - our Daylight Savings Time finished last night, here in Melbourne, Australia. So this is now my new posting time. Until October, anyway!


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Thanks Sue! I'm so thrilled to see you at my place. I never imagined that kaleidos were your thing, for some reason. So thanks for swinging by, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)))


This one was especially lovely. Such detail and art. Loved them, will enjoy more when you make them.


Thanks Nicky!! It was a fun one to make too! And I'm happy to report that I still have quite a lot of kaleidos still unseen, made from origami flowers, so there will be more of these in the future!! :)))


Absolutely stunning. These are just so beautiful. I love the detail in them - I think that's what makes them so appealing and pleasing to the eye. I think my favourites are the four corners, but they all have their own beauty.


I think that's what it was too Gail. And I've managed to squeeze a few puzzles in between the comments, but not as many as I would have liked. Drats! And I'll be off to bed myself shortly. See you tomorrow. :)))


I know we chatted by email, so maybe that's why I forgot to solve it. The thing is, I didn't even bookmark it, and only found it at the very end of where I left off last night bookmarking puzzles. Good thing for that, since I love these collages the most.


I already solved this one just before I posted my comment. It's the other one I'm saving, since I've only solved two puzzles tonight so far, both of them yours.


I dunno Gail! I have to confess that it got so busy here after posting, that I didn't notice that you didn't swing by! Gulp!! And then I logged out a little earler than normal. Have fun when you get to it!!

And I get quite enough of those JGT's from my mother thank you very much!! :)))


How on earth did I miss this last night? Did we not chat on Jigidi? I looked at the larger one and see I didn't solve that one either. As penance, I have put the 81-piece one into bookmarks to be worked on tomorrow so I have something to do before you post.

Ain't Jewish guilt trips grand?


Aww shucks, thanks Sally! Anyone could have made nice kaleidos out of these images though - they were gorgeous!! But I'm mighty chuffed that you think I have "the touch". Thank you my friend. :)))


Thanks Rosie!! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed these kaleidos so much!!. I've got quite a few more in the kaleido pantry - which I hope you'll like as much. But, sorry to be a tease, you're gonna have to wait for a bit. I don't like posting the same things all the time. I like to mix it up, baby!! LOL


Love the intensity of the colours and the detail of the folds... You do have the touch.... Your kaleidos are a treat.... Thanks heaps, Kirsten... :) :)


Wonderful set of collages, Kirsten. Picking favorites is difficult because they are all so beautiful. If I had to pick I would pick the first row on the right the two red ones and then the left top corner, the purple one. But then I would need the green one in the middle and the orange and the yellow one too. I just really want them all so I'll stop picking individuals and take the whole collage. Make more please. Thanks for a beauty. Rosie


How could I forget your creatures, Gwen! And I see that we have a veritable menagerie today! Thanks for sharing them with us! :)))


Thanks Pat! And see you there! :)))


It's a pleasure Magda! I'm really happy that you think they are out of this world! :)))


Thanks PJ! I kinda thought that you and Katie would be a bit fond of that orange one. :)))


Oh, thank you Katie! I didn't think that the bottom middle would get an entry in its dancecard! And I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this one so much! :)))


I thought you could see a bit of origami there, Gwen! But maybe that's because I'm the maker. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)))

And I'll be adjusted in a few days I think. It was just a bit of a tough day, on top of changed hours.


Not possible to pick a favourite from these Kirsten as they are all so pretty. I'm pleased that you didn't forget to include a few creatures for me. In the purple square there are little cats around the outer edge of the circle holding flower petals in their mouths. In the yellow square there are yawning teddy bears with what look like little racoons between them and in the green square there are little green birds wearing jade coloured masks. Oh,and I almost forgot the 5 grumpy looking cats with pink ears around the blue flower in the pink square.


Love them all ... now to move to the bigger one...


They are out of another world. I love them all, but the prettiest is the yellow on, top middle. Thank you so much Kirsten.


Kirsten - delightful gems and my fave is the orange, middle left :-)))


These are glorious Kirsten! My faves are middle left, middle, bottom middle and top right. Whew! They're all so wonderful I just had to pick a whole handful! Thanks!


The origami isn't detectable. I would not have guessed had you not told us. They do work well. Thanks again for posting these. Get some rest and get past the time change lag quickly.


I love that you feel that way, and do what you do!! It's the reason I'm vegetarian - 'cos I can't bring myself to eat ANY critters!

And I also love that you call your chickens names like Matilda and Gertrude!!! Now THAT'S hilarious!!! LOLOLOLOL


Why thank you Kirsten. I know you are a vegetarian which I am not but I can't imagine sitting down at the table and saying my didn't Matilda turn into a lovely stew or I can't believe how tender Gertrude turned out to be. I would gag. Two years ago before I fenced them and a coyote got one of my Amerecaunas it left a complete circle of her feathers. When I found it I just stood there looking at it and cried. These guy come running to me the minute I go back there to see what kind of treats I'm bringing. My OH laughs and says that even if I sold my eggs for $10/dozen I still wouldn't break even on what I spend.


Then I just may have to post all nine as singles as your faves Shirley! LOL But thanks. I appreciate your lovely compliment! :)))


My favorite is the .........all of them, I cannot choose, they are all beautiful, Kirsten, Thank you.


Thanks leet!! I'm really pleased that you enjoyed them, and thanks for telling me your fave. :)))


I though you were looking somewhat more presentable Edie!! ;-D (and now I'll turn the secret webcam off! LOL)

I'm so glad you like this one. Like I was saying to Ardy, they're kaleidos that I made last year sometime. I have loads of unused kaleidos in my kaleido pantry, because I don't like posting the same subject matter all the time. So I post one thing from a new theme, and may not post another thing from that theme for months and months. And today was the day!

And just to get serious for a moment, I've also been meaning to say for ages, that I really admire your work with animals, and your ethics in their upkeep. I love that you name and don't eat your chickens when they get old and stop laying. Thanks for doing what you do. They world needs more people like you. :)))

These are lovely.....I particularly like the blue of the bottom left. Thank you.


Hair combed, teeth brushed, face washed and still able to get here early. I like this. As for this puzzle. WOW. One of your most beautiful since I've been solving them. Absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure 100 times prettier than the original origami flower. You are amazing. Thank you so much Kirsten.


Morning Ardy! I kinda thought you might like this one. And kinda thought the pink and the purple would be right up there for you. These are actually kaleidos that I made last year. I ran out of time to make new themed kaleidos for a puzzle today, 'cos I spent all my available time making my theme puzzle for tomorrow. But these are ones that have never been seen before. And I still have another 50 or so unseen, made from origami flowers, so I think you can expect to see some more in the future.

Thanks for the update about Jan - I wasn't sure when she was due back. And I too hope that Su is ok - and that it's just technical issues that are keeping her away. And I did find your "excursion"!

I'll check out you cows shortly. I am extremely tired. I had a really busy day at work today (we sold out!), and I worked an hour longer than I normally do, because we were so busy. And like you say, it feels an hour later than the clock says. I can't imagine I'll be on for too much longer. So I'll see you tomorrow. ((HUGS))


Good evening, Kirsten. These are gorgeous!!! Most favorite middle right along with top left and bottom left and right. Actually there are 9 favorites here. I'll be back to smell more flowers later. Thank you. These are really wonderful.

Jan is due back on the 11th. Don't know how soon she'll get back to posting. I do hope that whatever is keeping Su away from her pc is not medical. I see you found my little extra excursion.
I just posted my "cows" that we talked about yesterday or the day before. Don't know how it will go as a puzzle but I thought they were funny.

I imagine with the time change you are really tired by now. I know that's the problem I have when we go off. The clock may say 10 but my body says it's 11. Have a good night with lovely dreams. Loving ((HUGS))