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Pinknblack Christmas Petal Perfection

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Quilt, you are welcome. They always go back to their wild, viney state after awhile. I don't know anyone who can keep them as beautiful as they day they were purchased. I really loved the colour of these poinsettias, too!


I love poinsettias BUT they don't like me. These are especially pretty. Thanks for sharing.


I agree! love the pinks. my neighbor grew them for a class project in college about four years ago and gave me one. I still have it, it turned into a green, lanky vine, but it is still pretty.


Pink (or white) poinsettias are my favorites for this reason . .. . . . you know how LONG they last - sometimes til Easter? The red ones keep looking too Christmasy after the season is over, and you keep hoping they will die so you can throw them out, but you feel too guilty to do it while they are still going strong? Pinks or whites can blend in with the scenery a bit longer!