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Saturday's Flower #1

30 pieces
95 solves
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Thank you, dear Mandy. :-)


Lovely flower to add to the collection, thanks Wendy


Mary, laughing out loud at the "sharp points" and the "sharp turns." At least you didn't require medical attention. I hope mariasha stays away from this one.

Ardy, I forgot. I don't think I have to worry anymore about puzzles being removed because of Jigidi's new guidelines. It's a big relief to me. But I still wish my favorite ones got more solves than they do. On another note, I'm going to try and post more flowers for you, Mary, and Katie in the future. :-)


Wendy, I've been away most of the day and came home to find two lovely flowers waiting. Sorry this isn't getting the solves you want but it is beautiful.


Zowie! Love the sharp points! Doing the Number One Saturday Flower Dance with sharp turns! 2:40 Thanks, Wendy!


whatnauts, I think you're right that it is too busy, but I like the busyness.

About the server issues- I thought the same thing as you, but they did say that they're using a new maybe it holds a lot. I have a feeling though, that they'll end up removing puzzles because I think they're going to be surprised by the amount of puzzles....even though I'd think they'd already be aware of that.


This flower may be a little too 'busy' for some. It's 'petals' aren't as clearly defined.

Apparently with the new Jigidi, puzzles will rarely be removed. I would have thought that would cause server space issues.


No, Katie! My other small puzzles are doing exactly as I expected (well). It's just that I've created a few of these in the past, and they don't do well. I think they're especially cool but most people don't.


This is a fantactic flower Wendy! Maybe the number of solves has more to do with people being busy with things other than jigidi.


Thank you, Suzanne and Pat! I've been working on trying to get puzzles together to post under my Wendy13 alias, but paused to see how this one was doing....and dammit, it's just what I had expected. This is my favorite of the ones I posted under my Wendy_13 alias, and it's doing by far the worst in number of solves. I don't understand why this type fares so badly. I think it's so cool. Oh well. At least you guys like it. :-)


Fabulous flower, Wendy--my, how your garden does g r o w !!!!!


Oh, this is so beautiful!!!! I love the sparkle effect!!! Lovely puzzle, Wendy.