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Christmas Cactus - 3

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Here is a close-up of my Christmas cactus in bloom. I got down on the floor and took the photo looking up. Taken Mon, Nov 18, 2013, Litchfield, IL.


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Wow Laura. Thanks for the instructions, but I think I've been doing everything wrong! Poor little plant. Maybe I can start all over again but I'll have to take some time to study all this info. Whew! :)))



Thanks, everyone, for the wishes for Spain. I leave in a week, on the 27th. I will bring back pictures, of course! Can you imagine if I forgot my camera? Eeeekkk!


This is so beautiful! My plant looks nice and healthy but is not blooming, so sad! Have a wonderful time in Spain and please do bring home lots of pictures!


Have a great time in Alicante - I have only ever been to Barcelona so can give you no tips! Lots of pictures - and some aeroplane food too! Who are you flying with?


This is too beautiful to find the correct word for, Laura.
Have an absolutely fabulous time in Spain! The only time I was there, I loved it!


You are going to Spain? WOW :-))


Awesome picture ....


That's a terrific photo Laura - I love it!!


Thanks, Suzy!


Terrific close up, Laura.


Alicante, Dave. Were you there? How did you like Spain? What's it like? Any inside tips? I have a dear friend, who I lived with in Scotland before I got my own apartment, who is older and in very poor health. She has invited me to visit her in the past, but this time I felt compelled to go. Her daughter & family live in the apratment above her. Her daughter was in my youth group back in Scotland, when she was just a wee lass :o))) She will be taking a few days off work and she and her mom will show me the local sights.

No problem, Lyndee! The hand is quicker than the eye, my friend....


What part of Spain, Laura? We just toured the southern half or Spain last year.


Sorry Laura, I deleted my question to Brie before you posted the answer. So, Brie, I had asked you if you lived in Maryville......then I remember that you lived in the UK and deleted it.


Lyndee, Brie lives in the UK. She visits her friends in Maryville. She is coming over in a few days. Yayayayay!

Brie, I hope you don't mind me answering Lyndee's question. She asked because she is from Illinois, also.

Thank you very much, Fodus!

Lyndee, I got the light behind it by turning on the overhead light! I was called out to Washington but with this being the last week in the office before I leave for Spain, I couldn't go. I have so much to do, the thought of it is waking me up in the night. Eeekkkk!

Thanks, Lorna! I appreciate your comment.

Snooker, thanks. I turned on the overhead can light by the window and it lit the flower right up!

Ha ha, Wigma...nope.

Yes, I am, Madj! Proud as a peacock! Thanks.


great - how delicate!
New Mindon isn't that far east of Maryville... :o(


Super picture!


How did you get the light behind it? It is beautiful Laura.
BTW - I thought you might be down at New Minden or up at Washington today????


I echo snooker's words - it is gorgeous.

This is a super photo and the light behind it is perfect. Great job, Laura.


Is there anything we won't do to get that special photo. Nice job, laura.


Beautiful shot of a gorgeous bloom laurajane. You must be very proud of this lovely plant. It's a gorgeous color too!