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Holiday Patterns Fun

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272 solves
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Gail, I REALLY appreciate your input. I consider you one of the most accomplished designer in this catagory. I love your work, so it is huge to be complimented by you. The 3D seems to change the colors a bit. Sometimes they seem to get brighter and sometimes just the opposite. I never know what to expect. In this puzzle I chose the "artist's" pallette of colors. I didn't want to stray, because I know if you stick to one color scheme, they are more apt to blend nicely. It was a labor of love doing the patterns. I must figure out how to save each as a bitmap, so I can reuse them. However, that may mean I cannot alter the color. So everything has its limitatiions. I enjoy learning everything my program can do, and I'm nowhere near finished. So, we'll see what monstrosity I can design next. :-))

Pkease let me know if you have suggestions for improvement. I made this puzzle knowing lots of empty space is not good in the large sizes. I'll see if I can't whip up something bright for you one days soon. I have eye surgery on Thursday, so I may be out of commission for a short time.

Keep making your masterpieces and know that I'm eagerly awaiting your new creations. Take care and I'll talk to you again.


I saw your comments on another size of this puzzle. Don't ever stop doing the 3D effects. I love it, and only wish I had this feature on the programs I use. I'm more of a bright-color person, but I love these pastels as well. I know full well how long it takes to create puzzles, so I very much appreciate the efforts you put into your creations. Thanks.


Norkor, thanks for letting me know. Glad you liked it.

fun to do, thanks