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Hug a friend day is rejoiced with enthusiasm and affection, especially among the youth. For those people who are in struggling phases of their lives, having piles of official work and other businesses, this day provides an excuse to let their old pals know that you still love and care for them. Think about the difference that a single hug would make to your friend?s day or even life, and go on to spend this commendable day with your friends. You don?t have to think hard to do something special to celebrate, just hug your friends :).

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You celebrated tomorrow a couple of days early then PJ!! LOL!! I hope you had great fun, I like the dancing smiles :~)


First work and then, right out dancing the evening away......
Very fun .... So dancing smiles to you!


I wondered where you were yesterday PJ, not that I had any time for puzzling, but I did miss you. Thanks for the hugs, they are never late!! Hugs a plenty back :~)


Mandy - I missed out on the whole day yesterday - and the images you've chosen are so heartwarming and I feel sooo inspired to go hug friends - a day late, but....
Lots of hugs to you Mandy,


Thanks Pat - and here's one back... HHUUUGG!!


Good mornin Mandy ...Here is yor great big HUUUUUG. Love this one...


Thanks Hanne - and back to you :~)


Hug, hug, hug, bearhugs all the way round!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


Thanks texasstar7 - that is a much clearer image of the tiger hug!

I should have listened to your warning, thanks Edie!! I now have a soggy sleeve! :~)

Thanks whatnauts - it's never too late!

Virtual hugs are great to receive Rosie - thanks so much, and consider yourself virtually hugged again today :~)

I'm pleased other people were able to help you find what you wanted Ardy :~)

Excellent idea Gail... but where???

LOL - Magda - I think that's a grand plan... when's the next flight?

Thanks ToonyLunes (love your fun name BTW) - I just watched the video of Christian - and now have a soggy sleeve - it's amazingly emotional to watch.


Or were the two friends from Australia?? I can't remember!


Reminds me of a lion named 'Christian' who was raised by two Englishmen. He (she?) was taken back to live in his natural habitat under the watchful eye of a friend of theirs. (The cat in this picture looks more like a tiger, though.)


Yes, I would love to also. To see how the people look, probably quite different from what we imagine. ut where? There are friends from all over the world. Shall we meet on Mars,? LOL


I love the message and the images. Thanks for a day brightener on an already bright day:) Hugs to all of my Jigidi friends out there. It would be fun to have a Jigidi reunion somewhere.


Thanks Tex and Edie. Edie I think maybe that's the video I was remembering. I know someone put up the link or emailed it to me recently. Thanks, Mandy for your suggestion. I'll try that too but I think now that it was the lion video I'm remembering. Hugs everyone.


Fantastic puzzle and day to celebrate. Unfortunately all of my hugs today have to be virtual--everyone is too busy on a Fri. So they all got virtual ones. Now I'm sending virtual hugs to all of the great people on Jigidi. I love hugs. Virtual hug, Mandy and thanks for another wonderful WK puzzle.


Alas, it is too late for me to hug anybody today, but I'll offer virtual hugs to all !! Thanks, monza :)))


Ardy I don't know which video has a tiger but this one with a lion is worth watching. Have a kleenex ready.


Ardy, here's a similar one that I think is just as good!


Sorry Ardy, I don't keep the images once I've used them in a puzzle... but I would have come across it by Googling "Hug a Friend" - I've just checked and it didn't come up again.... but try "Hug a Tiger" in the search and you'll find lots of similar images... that might help you locate the video. Happy hunting!!


Mandy, Do you know where you found the picture of the tiger? I know I've seen that video recently and wanted to let Barb see it. I thought if you knew where you found the picture I might be able to find the video from there. Thanks and ((HUGS)).


Thanks Sue :~)

That's good to hear Edie!


Cute images Mandy. We are a very huggy family anyway so we practise this all the time. Thanks for sharing.


Great puzzle, thanks.


It is a wonderful day, my biggest sadness was that I just couldn't connect to the internet in my lunch break to post this one! Thankfully some people were able to follow the link from yesterday's puzzle, and it's here now!!

I'll take 12 hugs a day Arday... it sound like an excellent piece of research!! Hugs back Ardy :~)

LOL - Barb - I saw your relative!! Virtual hugs to you to, thanks :~))


I think this is a day we should celebrate everyday! And did you see one of my relatives in the centre row far left? LOL!
Sending virtual hugs to you, Mandy, for all these wonderful WK puzzles!!! :-)


Mandy, what a wonderful day this will be. I read one research article than claimed we need 12 hugs a day for optimal mental health. Would love to share more than virtual hugs with my Jigidi friends. (HUGS) Mandy. Thank you for this great series.