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Friday's Flowers

64 pieces
205 solves
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I just saw... thanks Wendy :~)


Mandy, I posted the background in two larger sizes today (81 piecer and a 144 piecer). Anything larger than that looked too hard to solve within a reasonable amount of time.


This is lovely, Wendy - and I do believe the background would make a lovely puzzle too!! You're probably well ahead of me there, I expect, possibly, perhaps???


Barb, thanks for the warning- rest assured though, I have no intention of going out. It's snowing and now promises to look beautiful in the morning.

Ardy, yes, they're very nice and well-behaved to boot. You stay warm and safe as well.

whatnauts, you're very welcome muchly. ;-)


Lovely flowers, Wendy. Thanks much.


Your flowers are very nice. Glad they can grow tall enough to stay out of the snow. I especially like the yellow one. Thanks, Wendy. Stay safe and warm.


You be careful, Wendy, and don't go out unless you have to. They are figuring we'll have a foot of snow by the time the storm is done here in Toronto. Stay safe and warm. :-)


Barb, we're supposed to get up to a foot of snow but so far we haven't gotten anything. I can see all the flowers right now...and when it snows, they always grow a foot or two so I can still see them.


Quite a challenging puzzle, Wendy, but fun as always. Love your flowers, just wish I could see some for real but they're all hiding under a huge blanket of the white stuff. :-))


azsahuaro, I see that you're already on the leader board.....and don't feel badly about your time. A lot of people only solve for the enjoyment of the journey. :-)

I reallly liked this one.....will work on it more......because I see those two who took only half the time that I did. Some fun.