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Another magic Eye image.

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110 solves
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I can't see it


Sugarsids, thanks for the tip. Really helped. Thanks, Surreal_Heidi for posting, double challenge!!


I had to enlarge the image, take off my glasses, and he just floated to the top. Thank you.


For the life of me I can't make this puzzle pop OUT...I can only make it go down/in and had to come look at the comments to know what I was supposed to be seeing. It really doesn't show up as a shark if all the 3D is going on inside the outline......gonna try the next one...


Me, too, Annie. Thanks, Heidi -- I enjoyed both parts.


Best of both worlds--jigsaw and magic eye--loved it!
Snickerdoodle--it is possible to see image both ways--'in' and 'out'. This means you can de-focus in front of the puzzle, or de-focus behind/past the puzzle.


cool shark...!!

When I was younger I could see these pictures fine, but now they are always reversed. They go in instead of out. Anyone have any suggestions of ideas of why?