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My First Purple Clematis Blossom!

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WOW, thanks Ann (fellow klutz) lol


Ank, you're wonderful!! And a bona fide, wonderful, beautiful KLUTZ. ;-} ..........


I walk against everywhere. I always bump my head. I cut always in my fingers. I let everything fall. Is that enough klutz? I'm clumsy but not inept. And sweet. lol
Further A little crazy and incorrigibly positive. So that's me.


I don't know if the words mean the same from your description. Here klutz means an inept, or clumsy, person. Kluns is the same? .............


I never made a link to elegant, with that name I mean. And yes I know klutz (dutch kluns). I know it becausse I am one. And I love it. And if you don't like to see a klutz you have to look to an other side. So that's me. Not only a klutz but also very self-confident. But that's what live made of me.


:-) You may be right---it may be the name although, except for myself, the name 'Anne' always made me think of an elegant, graceful woman. I'm a 'klutz'! do you know that word?.............


Thanks Ann, do you think it's in a name? Anne Ann Ank, all Tomboys. And yes once a Tomboy always a Tomboy. I like it.


Thanks Ank. It always helps.
On one of chickiemama's puzzles about kids having fun one of the girl's name is Anne & you remarked about 'Ank' & 'Anne' being the same and that you had been like a boy in a lot of your interests, too, as a child. Called a 'Tomboy'.
Don't ever worry about my puzzles, or apologize if you can't get to them. None of us can do the impossible & to work all the puzzles or comment on all of them IS impossible. We all know our friends WOULD if they COULD. I miss working or commenting on a lot simply because I just do not have the time. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy the photo or think about the person..............


I don't know or it helps but I will think of you 25e.

Sorry Ann, I don't get it. Tomboy? I don't know what comment you mean.

I bookmark your today puzzles. I have been out all day, drove 250 miles (400km), I had to wake up at 5.30 AM. Andnow it's almost bedtime. I just do some comments. See you.


Thanks, Ank. I have had so many things happening since early August that I have been very busy trying to get things straightened out. I've been like a chicken scratching in a Spring garden---just not enough 'day' to get it all dug up! And now, of course, this new development. Can't get my driving license renewed until my vision is corrected. And I'm having to amass all sorts of documents for the license. First eye will be done on the 25th.
By the way---I was, am, and always will be a 'Tomboy Ann', too. I saw your comment on one of chickiemama's puzzles...............


I just came to take a look why you don't post something the last days. But I see you are there and not ill. But You have a new adventure, sorry for you. But you will see you become much better of it. Do you know when? Wish you the best.


Thanks Sissel, I love the color, too. And it's staying a loooong time; I took this photo on 9-30 and it still looks great.
I'm doing a little bit better day by day but now face a new adventure: cataract surgery, both eyes. What a drag.............


Beautiful colour - thanks Ann for sharing - hope you are fine :-)


Hi lady(?). Thanks for your good wishes. If they bloom as a duo there will definitely be pictures---& even if they don't! Hawhaw! I do try to give a little 'life' to my puzzles; thanks for noticing & appreciating.
I'm not too worried about pollination, although I would like to taste the fruit. I just want the vine & the bonus aroma---when it blooms, if it blooms. I have it where I can easily keep it pruned myself. Unless it grows all over my sleeping dog, in which case I may have to pay a vet a house-call fee to extricate him!! ;-D ..............


So beautiful. Looking forward to pictures of the duo next year. I've been looking up info on the Akebia and found that it is indeed extremely invasive. One comment was that it would grow over and around anything including sleeping dogs :-))) And we evidently need two different varieties for pollination in order to get "fruit". Here in San Diego, our climate lows may not be low enough for it to grow well but I'm going down to my nearby nursery (when I have spare time) to find out what they know. The possibility of having the aroma of chocolate from a plant just outside my door is so enticing. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us all and the great info and descriptions you give that help your pictures become real.


Thank you, Pat. The only name that was given with it is 'Multi Blue' & I don't know why. It is as purple as purple can get!. And that middle ( the "Freaky 'Fro" ) is so eye-catching. In the photo the color for that middle is true--it really is that weird shade............


Just beautiful I don't think I have ever seen one like this. Thanks for posting


Adriana, the purple really 'pops', doesn't it? Thanks for coming by.........

Elfie, Thank YOU. I call it a "Freaky 'Fro" hair do! ;-D ..............

anther, It is pretty & I'm hoping the yellow will bloom at the same time. What a color combo! I wouldn't want to wear the two together but I think in flowers it will be striking---or as you have said, "stunning". Thanks..........

Patti, thank you. I take all the credit!! (wink, wink)...........

Ank, I need all the crossed fingers I can get. Let us hope they all survive the Winter & come back with gusto. Thanks,Dear..........


Beautiful Ann, I keep my fingers crossed for next year. I'm happy for you.


Congratulations! It's beautiful!!!


Stunning colour annjax. Thanks for sharing. Will look forward to more in the future.


WOW, Ann, what a special "middle"!! Thanks so very much!!


I have the same color in my garden Ann


Thanks, lovey, for your kind wishes. I have just this year started with Clematis & now have SIX! They are still very young but are growing well. I'm waiting for next year & hope you will check back in then.
Nice to meet you & hope you will stay for awhile and give us some of your photo puzzles to enjoy............


Congrats annjax, good luck with next years showing!!!


It is really, really PURPLE, folks. Can hardly wait for next year when it should be bigger & more productive. Also, I have planted a yellow one alongside it so they can (hopefully!) entertwine their foliage & blossoms. Fingers crossed for next year!...........