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Old cottages, Glamis Village, Scotland. Photo by Martyn Gorman

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Don't know if I could put up with the Scottish winters but these cottages are solid so would be nice and snug inside. Cheers Phyllis...Sue


Yes I could live too, away from the rush and bustle of town life. Lovely picture Sue


I think you would be quite cosy in one of those 48. Thanks...Sue


wonderful cottages Sue - one of these would suit me very well ... especially everything being on one floor! Thanks for a great puzzle.


The pump could have been replaced as things rot especially in a wet, cold climate. I like all the greenery, the plants give it that special feel. Thanks Joyce...Sue


Great cottages and chimneys too!! I love that stone basin. Would pump have been added much later? It looks so more modern than the houses and the basin. The hydrangea are so beautiful. Thanks Sue!! :))))
(Time, 6:58)


Good, solid cottages and lots of plants just what I like. When I saw the watering pump in the photo I thought must put this one onto Jigid, it's such a nice feature. I think that's moss on the roof hopefully not damaging the tiles. Thanks Denise and waxwing...Sue


Love these cottages, Sue! It's nice to see that they've kept the pump and watering trough in place, too.


Lovely cottages with the green shrubbery that is so attractive. I see greenery on the roof too.
Hope it does not loosen the slates. Thanks sue:-)))