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Jail Museum ~ Franklin County, Illinois

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The site of the last hanging in Illinois.


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Thank you jcarroll, the gun is especially for you.
I did go inside about 10 yrs. ago young man. I will try to go sometime with the camera. The inside is basically untouched.
Thank you Celeste.
Morris, shower cap for the camera!
Thank you Ank and Jack.


I love the gun, it stops a whale!


You want a few pics, I have for about a year I think. lol
But Morris is right, the train photos are great


I have tu much invested in that camera tu get it rained on, pg!


Awesome picture


Did you spend much time inside chickster? Morris get your butt out and get some pictures. Think outside the box.


Nice, chickie and a gun for me!


morris, pg told me that cloudy rainy days are good for picture taking. He said get a cheap shower cap and put it over your camera and get out there. I hope you get enough snow to make nice pics, but not tu bad tu cause trouble.


I think you should, chickie. I was not bored with them yet. I thought that you would show more of them. Lousy picture taking day here, It is gray and rainy. Snow is tu the North and West. They are saying that by tunite it could change!


Thanks morris. I'm getting desparate or pics now. I might have to revert back to more train trip ones. LOL


Very interesting, thanks chickie!