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Stanley Park, Canada

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Oh, laurajane!! You are back from Scotland. Welcome home! We missed you. Thanks, for your message.


I would love to visit this park, some time.


Thank you, goingsilver and Suzy. I'm glad you you both like the puzzle. I'll try to get some sunny pictures for the next set.


So many things to do in such a small area!


Thanks Cathy; it is good to place the subjects of your puzzles onto the map., and makes me appreciate just how big and varied the park is. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about it!


Hi JC There is a very nice First Nations legend about Siwash Rock. When I eventually post a picture of it I'll tell you all the story. I've seen the miniature railroad but I haven't been on it. The kids love it !! And I can hear the 9 o'clock gun every evening!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this series. I will definitely take more pictures of "the park" one of these days.

During the huge windstorm in 2006 some cars were going through the park. Trees fell in front of one car and when they tried to go back there were fallen trees blocking that way too!! So they waited anxiously to be rescued. Lesson of the story: An old growth forest is NOT a good place to be during a hurricane.


I read up on some of the places on your map such as Siwash Rock, the 9 o'clock gun and the miniature railroad. What a fun park!
Have you ridden the miniature railroad? Have you heard the 9 o'clock gun?
I bet that you could take pictures of Stanley Park for years to come and not cover all of it!
Thanks for allowing us to come along.


Thank you very much, Jacques! I just found your comment. I guess our notes crossed. I'm glad you like the aerial picture-map. As soon as I have some free time on a nice day I'll go back and show you a different section of the park.


Hi Gladstone, patsyanne, Carol, Ank and JC. Thank you all for your comments. I'm glad this map included part of the North Shore too.


wow, intresting, thanks cevas


Thanks, Cathy. I love maps and this helps me so much. I think it was a great idea to make such a HUGE park for everyone to enjoy.


Hey great Cathy. I did not realize it was so big, we only walked a part of it. That's nice next year you can show an other part. I'like it very much that you posted this map. Thanks


Ah memories..........brought back things like the two little children who were murdered and buried in the park and when the Second Narrows Bridge collasped while under construction (60 years ago!) . But then there were the picnics, zoo, later an aquarium, the little train, walks...........:)) Good times!

Spent a lot of time there 65 plus years ago and my brother worked building the seawall for many years. Thanks for sharing the map, cevas. The park has changed a lot over the years.


Thank you for your map of Stanley park and area.


Upper Right - City of North Vancouver
The green section that zig-zags through the city is Mosquito Creek. We went hiking there - remember?
Upper Left - City of West Vancouver
I also took you all to Ambleside Beach. It starts at the bridge and goes along under the words (Prospect Point ...)
Stanley Park - Vancouver
The bus goes over the Lions Gate Bridge and straight through Stanley Park. I got off just above the "oo: of lagoon. We walked back and along the bottom of Lost Lagoon. Then through Ceperley Meadow where you saw the cute little wooden bridge and then along the seawall to Third Beach where we had lunch at the Teahouse Restaurant.