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Colouring squares :)) I

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Hi Hester, it's impossible that you can be worn out with all the energy you alway have. :))) and I'm happy that my colourful stairs brought you some fun apart from exhaustion. :)))
Yes yesterday was a wonderful day, I didn't do anything useful LOL only agreeable and relaxing activities. :)))


Hi Ardy, I hope you enjoyed your second round. :))) I enjoyed my Jigidi day yesterday immensely. It had been a long time since I could solve at my leisure and I didn't have to rush and hurry. :)))


Wow, Dagmar! I'm quite worn out running up and down those coloured steps! It was great fun though! Thanks, and I'm glad you are enjoying a little bit of self indulgence at last! :-)


I did come back to this one. Glad you are having some solve time yourself today. Yea!!


Hi Ardy, that's what I made the smaller version for. :)) I hope you'll manage to catch up with all the ones you missed yesterday, I've been doing an awful lot of catching up this afternoon, it's very rare that I manage to get so much time on Jigidi to enjoy myself. :))
Thanks for dropping by.


I went for the smaller one Dagmar. I'm trying to catch up from yesterday. Love all the colors. Fun to do. I might come back later for another one. Thanks.


What would our world be without colours, Keta? Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comment. :))


Thanks for coloring my world


Smaller version here: